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Western Uganda (1 Viewer)


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Hi all

Here's a quick summary of some of the sightings on the trip Jason Anderson and I did to Western Uganda where we concentrated mostly on Kibale Forest and the areas around it; (hope it doesn't get too boring before getting to the end of the post) [5-12 August 2010]

At the Sebitoli section of Kibale Forest in the north we stayed 4 nights/4 days during which we birded the forest, Kihingami Wetland Sanctuary (community-run project) and Semuliki Forest. From here we went to the mid-Kibale area (Kanyanchu) and also Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary (also a community-run project). The drive back took us through Queen Elizabeth NP where we also had some good sightings.

Notable & interesting species/families included;

1. Guineafowl: Helmeted, Crested
2. Grey-headed and White-breasted Nigritas (Negrofinch)
3. Sunbirds: Little Green, Green-throated, Blue-throated Brown, Green-headed, Copper, Northern Double-collared, Olive-bellied, Collared, Green, Bronze,
4. Barbets: Yellow-spotted, Grey-throated, Yellow-billed, Double-toothed,
5. Flycatchers: Dusky crested, Sooty, African Shrike, Red-bellied Paradise, Dusky Blue, Cassin's Grey, African Dusky, African Blue, African Paradise,
6. African Black Duck
7. Petit's Cuckoo-shrike
8. Bush-shrikes: Many-coloured, Bocage's, Luhder's,
9. Greenbuls: Slender-billed, Joyful, Little, Toro Olive, Yellow-whiskered, White-throated, Red-tailed, Cameroon Sombre, Honeyguide, Cabani's,
10. Mottled Spinetail
11. Hornbills: Black & White Casqued, Crowned, African Pied, Piping, Black Wattled, White-thighed (in Kibale Forest at Kanyanchu UWA office),
12. Cuckoos: Levaillant's, Emerald, Dusky Long-tailed, Red-chested,
13. Apalis: Buff-throated, Masked,
14. Turacos: Great Blue, Black-billed, Ross',
15. Western Nicator
16. Robin-chats: Red-capped, Snowy-crowned, Blue-shouldered,
17. Starlings: Purple-headed, Narrow-tailed, Violet-backed, Ruppell's, Greater Blue-eared,
18. Western Black-headed Oriole
19. Wattle-eyes: Brown-throated, Jameson's,
20. Woodpeckers: Yellow-crested, Brown-eared, Cardinal, Buff-spotted,
21. Rollers: Lilac-breasted, Blue-throated,
22. Yellowbill
23. Green Crombec
24. Tinkerbirds: Yellow-rumped, Yellow-throated, Speckled,
25. Pigeons: African Green, Afep, Western Bronze-naped,
26. Scaly Francolin, Red-necked Spurfowl,
27. Black-shouldered Nightjar
28. Weavers: Black-necked, Vieillot's Black, Compact, Village, Holub's Golden, Thick-billed, Baglafecht, Dark-backed (Forest), Slender-billed, Brown-capped,
29. African Broadbill
30. Green-breasted Pitta
31. Green Hylia
32. White-tailed Ant-thrush
33. Illadopsis: Scaly-breasted, Brown-chested,
34. Warblers: Black-faced Rufous, Grey-capped, White-winged, Lesser Swamp,
35. Papyrus Gonolek
36. Kingfishers: Blue-breasted, Shining Blue, Malachite, Woodland, Pied, African Pygmy,
37. Rufous Flycatcher-thrush
38. Vultures: Palm-nut, Hooded, Lappet-faced, White-backed, Ruppell's Griffon,
39. White-headed Wood-hoopoe
40. Parrots: African Grey, Meyer's,
41. Black Bishop, White-winged Widowbird, Fan-tailed Widowbird
42. Raptors: African Harrier-hawk, Lizard Buzzard, Augur Buzzard, Bateleur, Great Sparrowhawk, African Hawk-eagle, Martial Eagle, Long-crested Eagle, Wahlberg's Eagle,
43. Swifts: African Black, Little, White-rumped, Alpine, African Palm,
44. Storks: Woolly-necked, Openbill,
45. Grey-crowned Crane
46. Seedeaters (general): Western Citril, Brimstone Canary, Yellow-fronted Canary, Common Waxbill, Black-crowned Waxbill, Red-billed Firefinch, Red-billed Quelea, Red-headed Bluebill,

I'll be happy to provide details on any of the sightings if required - will also be writing up a blog on the trip in the coming week.


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