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Wet Birder Meets Wet Glossy Ibis. (1 Viewer)


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There has been lots of excitement and twitching in the area in recent weeks as a Glossy Ibis has been on one of the local pools. I don't twitch as you know and in any event took solice in the fact that I have seen hundred of these birds whilst abroad.

As I was having lunch with a mate of mine, a small demon twitcher inside of me was suggesting I ought to ask if he wanted to see a Glossy Ibis. So I did and off we went. It was tippling down continuously and the roads were beginning to flood. With wet feet and wet everything else, we walked to the hide. You may remember my mate, he is the one who is very easy going and tolerant!;) There were 3 people in the hide, non twitchers like myself. Over the weeks there has been lines of cars and coaches and a constant trail to the hide. Not today though, which was good as I hate birding in crowds. Oh yes, the Glossy Ibis was there by the hide. A new one for my UK list. My mate enjoyed the sight too. Some excellent views of nearby Snipe too, then we were soon off home to dry the feet. Its still p'ing down. That little demon twitcher seems to have settled down again!

Yes it tis a Glossy Ibis in the photo!;)


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Excellent to get such a good view of the Glossy Ibis and without the crowds. I can't imagine anything worse than coach loads of people tipping up. I can see the force of the rain on the water.

Glad you and your friend and your little demon twitcher had a good trip.


Well-known member
Good bird to bag Brian. I've been watching Birdguides carefully to see if one of these were to visit our way again. Last year's bird offered restricted views and I worked hard to get to where it was so I'd hoped for an easier time of it.
It's been quite a good period for them lately, just not in Yorks it seems.


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Well done with the Glossy Ibis and persuading your mate to 'twitch' in such dreadful weather conditions! :eek!: You have a good mate there, Brian!:t: You certainly chose a good day with the fairweather birders tucked safely indoors!

A nice UK bird for you and your 'demon twitcher'!

Well done with your photo's too, not easy in such weather conditions.:t:


Botanical Birder
Thank you Kits, Chris and Pam.

Yes I have a good mate there, one of the best. For a non birder he has been introduced to some very good birds in recent years, and went home today to read up on Glossy Ibis on the internet!;)

Keith Dickinson

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Opus Editor
You did well to get any pictures in that weather Brian. Hope no water got into your camera, that's always my great worry on wet days.
Always nice to get a bird on your UK list even when you've seen loads of them abroad, I'm just waiting for my first UK Audouin's gull.


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Brilliant Brian, you got the Glossy Ibis. Glad your mate went too, it was very generous of him to accompany you on such a wet day.


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Wonderful bird, Brian! That's some *serious* birding to go out in that weather but .... sure seems worth it. Glad you had someone to share the experience. Again ... you do live an interesting and exciting life. Thanks for sharing the soggy parts with us.


Botanical Birder
LOl Thanks Lydia. Certainly a top rarity for these parts! Apparently there have been twitchers visiting form all parts.


What a good 'catch' that was Bonny Lad; and well done both of you for braving the elements. I was getting a bit alarmed hearing from the 'dry birder' for a while, but you're certainly back in character again. Lol!



Botanical Birder
What a good 'catch' that was Bonny Lad; and well done both of you for braving the elements. I was getting a bit alarmed hearing from the 'dry birder' for a while, but you're certainly back in character again. Lol!


And wet again today too Baz!;)
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