What Are We Only Life Forms

What are we only life forms when all is said and done
And that applies to you and I as well as to everyone
We have been born with a consciousness though Nature only lives forever more
Yet many believe in an afterlife beyond this Earthly shore
We were led to believe as children that God has an all seeing eye
And when people talk of their God they look up towards the sky
And in their vivid imaginings they swear God's face they see
Yet we only see what we want to see that's how it does seem to me
The old horse in the paddock perhaps in one way only different to I
He does not know or so it does seem that he was born to die
And when he does not know of death the fear of death he does not fear
Yet he and I are mortals and our end to us is near
What are we only life forms born to mortality
Though most with my opinions would strongly disagree.