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What Bird Feeder to get next? Also--what other kinds of food? (1 Viewer)


Hello bird loving friends!

My wife and I put up our first feeders this spring here on the Front Range in Colorado, USA.

Our tube feeder is filled with Black Oil Sunflower seeds. We see lots of house finches, chickadees and house sparrows. The seed goes fast!

Our platform feeder has more sunflower seeds as well as almonds. That feeder sees Eurasian Collared Doves who find a way to plop right down in it--sometimes 2 at a time! The almonds attract Blue Jays and we love to watch them. Once I saw a Blue Jay 'hockey check' (or aggressively bump into) one of the local squirrels running on a fence. The house finches like to jump into the platform feeder too.

As everyone knows, the squirrel scene is wild. I've had to adapt multiple times and I still can't keep them off the platform feeder. It involves a fairly long jump from a fence, and they only occasionally stick the landing. In any case, the squirrels do very well for themselves. They are mostly entertaining and fascinating. There's a rowdy neighborhood bunch. But mostly there's this one very mild mannered one that hangs our from 6am through 7pm.

I've seen a few Northern Flickers but not as many as I'd like. Today there was a crow on the fence--being annoyed by a Blue Jay. They don't seem to stick around and eat. I see Starlings (and hear!) on our fence, but they don't stick around for food either.

Our Bird Bath gets a lot of action. It's really fun to see Robin's splashing in the water.

If the objective is to bring in new and different birds than I'm seeing now, any suggestions on what feeder or food to offer in addition my current offerings? I'm curious to try a suet feeder. I'm curious about putting out oranges for orioles and others. In addition to the Black Oil, will offering something like Nyjer maybe bring in Goldfinches? Now that I'm getting into this--what are some next level steps you all would recommend? Thanks so much!
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Old Berkshire Boy
All of your suggested food items will attract some different species. Also various fruits such as apples, raisins should also be offered. Suet and peanut butter are good.

Have fun.
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