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What did you see in your binoculars today? (1 Viewer)

Not seeing a family of long tailed tits. I heard gem and saw them swoop over and land on a nearby tree, but the bins were in the house and when I’d got them and came back out the birds hat flown off... must try to keep a pair of bins ready by the back door.

A gang of six green jays repeatedly run off Mr and Mrs Cardinal from one of our feeders.
Ca. four and a half months ago when we moved here there was an odd green jay every now and again but now these guys are running the show.
Sterngucker, at least your gangsters are colorful, charismatic, and well, they make a lot of interesting noises :) I'd kill for something like Green Jays as a yard bird. Unfortunately Plush-crested Jay (our local fancy variety) doesn't QUITE make it to Buenos Aires. Not too far north of here they're as common as Green Jays are for you. A bit at the extreme end of their range though and not enough habitat so it's just the occasional wanderer that shows up :(
I spent a few hours yesterday at the brilliant Costanera Sur - one of the best urban reserves anywhere - and chalked up almost 90 species in 3 hours and change. I can get more but I usually prefer walking slower and picking through activity for something interesting to covering ground in order to pad the list. In any case, though, I had lovely prolonged close looks at a pair of White-lined Tanagers happily foraging and occasionally squabbling a bit with each other. I also tracked down the (locally rare but more or less a plague in most of the tropics) Ruddy Ground-Dove that's been reported for the past week or so has a mate so it looks like they're setting up to breed. Baby birds were out in force - Masked Gnatcatchers, Gr Kiskadees, S Screamers, S Lapwings, Eared Doves, Chalk-browed Mockingbirds, Red-crested Cardinals, Rufescent Tiger-Herons, and probably many more juveniles that I'm forgetting!
Bullfinches (what a pretty bird), green finches, gold finches. Flocks of bohemian waxwings. Great tits, blue tits, long-tailed tits and more tits. Binoculars: Swaro 12x50.
One Male Green-winged Teal, assorted Mallards, oodles of turtles on logs, one Double-Crested Cormorant, One Snow Goose, a dozen or so Hooded Mergansers, a few Ring-billed Gulls, and about 5,000 mixed Canada and Cackling Geese.
I managed to miss two Greater White-fronted Geese and a Raven, reported by the guy who made the estimate of 5,000 geese.
Loads of red grouse, three red kites hunting, two soaring buzzards and a sparrowhawk in a fir tree.

Buckshott Fell/Bale Hill/Meadows Edge.
Oh, and a meadow pipit with another red grouse just standing 15ft from the roadside, watching us watching them watching us.
Bins, Leica 12x50 UV+
I didn't go out today, but I have recently been watching the antics of our local Hooded Mergansers.

It is beautiful and comical little creatures that they are.
For years we used to have flocks of up to 10 Greenfinch visit our garden at this time of year but in the last 4-5 years we only saw 2-3 at a time if we saw any at all. Yesterday a flock of 9 landed in our big Hawthorn hedge and I got a good look at them with a MeoStar 10x32. I believe numbers of this species (and possibly Chaffinch) have been significantly reduced due to disease so I hope this big flock is a sign of a good breeding season and a recovery in numbers.

Today we had our first Siskin of the winter. It was a male in tip-top condition and this little finch looked terrific through the MeoStar B1 10x32s that are living on my work station just now.

At 0920 CST this morning four male Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo), two of which were having a go at each other through the fence. They're still mooching around out there now.
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Redhead Smew - seen on a local reservoir which I passed on my afternoon bike ride. Luckily l’d remembered to put my compact bins in the handlebar bag.
Male Kingfisher.... I was walking along a lake and spooked it, ..it flew a couple of hundred yards. I re-traced by steps and snuck up on it carefully to get within 20-30 feet. Awesome view.
A playful group of six long-tailed bushtits came foraging in my garden today. I'd seen a single one last year, but no group yet. Great little birds with a very peculiar body shape.

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