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What kind of lories or lorikeets ???? (1 Viewer)


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This shot was taken in July 2002 near the airport of Sentani, Papua. I couldn't ID the birds because they flew very quickly but I managed to get this photo. The quality of the picture is not that good because as I mentioned earlier I was not ready with my camera when the birds flew over my head. Any suggestions?


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Rasmus Boegh

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First, only "Sentani" I have been able to locate is a lake, just south of Jayapura. Let me know if this is the wrong locality. Tail-shape/lenght, mainly red underparts of body & underwing pattern strongly suggest Black-capped Lory (Lorius lory), and I don't see any other possibilities. I wouldn't like to start guessing on subspecies as several races come close to this locality and I doubt precise borders have been established.

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My first thought was the Papuan king-parrot, but the tail is way to short, many other things tell me its not a king-parrot, so Iam now on the same line as Rasmus, Lorius lory is the species.

But you got a really great spot if it, I have visited Sentani area three times and I have never observed groups of more than six birds, this photo include 17 individuals of what I could see.

Papuan birder

- Lost in the Pacific -
Rasmus said that he didnt know exactly which subspecies it was, from my experiences and books it seems like the subspecies, Lorius lory viridicrissalis is the one which inhabits the Sentani region.
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