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What replaced the Custom Elite 7x26? (1 Viewer)


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Did Bushnell offer a newer/better equivalent model?
Or is there any other company/model that is the same or better?

Since I traded one I owned, sold the other a few years later I always regretted not keeping one. For the last two years I have looked for old stock or the equivalent in pristine condition but found none worth paying the asking price. I have not seen any binocular come on the market that equaled the Bushnell custom (Elite) 7x26 given its reasonable price point. I did come across a seller(Japan) on Amazon last month who advertised a new pair but that seller wanted nearly $600 US plus shipping, maybe a collector would pay that price. I recently rechecked Amazon for that pair but could not find it.
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Highway Dog

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For me, after I bought one of these Elites custom for my folks I wanted another set. Finally I found the Maven 7x 28mm . It is a C2 model. It was as good as I remember. But the Bushnell Elites to my recollection seemed to be a little easier to keep steady. It was good to fine such a good view in such a small binoculars.

Alexis Powell

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United States
It's hard to believe these aren't still being made given their very long (60+ year) history. I see them still supposedly available from some online stores that are not the usual ones where optics enthusiasts shop (so I don't know if the businesses are reputable) and I expect there are still a good number of these sitting on store shelves of smaller businesses. Do a search that is more general than the exact model name, like "buy 7x26 Bushnell".

Any of the older Bushnell or Bausch & Lomb 7x26 Elite/Custom/Audubon models will be quite similar, as is the Monk 7x26 Explorer (also no longer manufactured).



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I did the search as you suggested but didn’t even see any odd possible places that still carried them.

I had the B&L Audubon version many years ago and they worked well. Sold them though thinking that I needed a higher power. Now I have the 10x25 Legend HD compact. They are great. However, even though I learned how to hold them to minimize shaking, I’m older (as in “much older”) and would probably benefit from a lower power. I’d like to try the last available “new, improved” version of the Elites but I’m too late to the party. Someday maybe a good example will show up on eBay...
In the meantime I’ll need to look for a different brand.


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Have you considered looking at the new Leica Trinovid 7 x 35? I appreciate it is a costly binocular compared to the B & L of yesteryear that you refer to.

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