What to do for a broken wing?


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Earlier today I heard a bang on our front door and found my car had caught a bird that flew into the door. It looks to be an indigo bunting. My cat spat it out and it was still alive and has no visible bleeding wounds. The only thing is it's right wing is injured. I'm not sure if it is broken, sprained, badly bruised, etc. I've rescued birds in the past but I'm not anything of a bird expert, so I was hoping for some input on what I can do to help this poor little guy? It has jumped out of the box a couple times and tried to fly off but can't because of its wing. Any help is appreciated.

KC Foggin

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Hi ya Libby and a warm welcome to you from those of us on staff here at BirdForum.

Sorry to hear about the poor bird and your best bet would be to call a local vet to see if he/she knows of a bird rehabilitator in your area that you could take it to.

There is no way you can help its wing so the above would be your best bet. Please let us know how the bird fares.