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what was your bird of the day ? (1 Viewer)


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Wow, Amazing!! I would love to see a Snowy Owl.

I haven't seen any reports yet of snowy owls in the area. They should be arriving any time now.

My bird of the day from Sunday (haven't been out since) was a Long-eared Owl with honourable mentions going to Eurasian Wigeon, Short-eared Owl and Redbellied woodpecker. The woodpecker was a year bird for me, but the rest were lifers. I had the best look at the Long-eared Owl which coincidentally was bird #200 on my life list!


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My bird of the day from Sunday (haven't been out since) was a Long-eared Owl !

LEO remains a bogey bird for me, would love to see one one.

My bird of the day yesterday was a male black redstart found on a Sussex cliff; showed really well and I was able to watch it for about half an hour.


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not much different

we get a rose breasted grosbeak once in awhile, after that its the regulars. i'm amazed because we live at the edge of a river/swampy area. we may see some orioles from time to time and a hawk may come thru, but usually just your regular birds like blue jays, titmouse, chickadees and cardinals.


Stuck in a Rutt
bird of the day for me has got to be a glaucous gull, only a juvenile but its bird 200 for the year list and 218 on the life list.:t:


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I was going to go with the immature Bald Eagle I saw earlier today (the first one I've seen since March) but then as I was posting my thread in the ID forum, about 15 Bohemian Waxwings landed in the neighbour's tree right across the street! I immediately ran out to take some photos, but it's an overcast gray day and the photos aren't terribly great. Still, it's only the second time I've seen Bohemian Waxwings, and right from my house too! :-O

(Larry, hopefully they're still working their way south. If not, I'll swap you the Bohemians for your Carolina Wren! :D)

Larry Lade

Gillian, that sounds "like a plan"! Maybe I could even throw in a Red-breasted Nuthatch (I have one of those to spare). ;)

I will try to get a photo of the Carolina Wren. One was picking around the bottom edge of our glass patio doors a couple of days ago, about a foot and a half from where I was standing (inside the door). I should be able to get a pretty good shot.

My wife's and my bird of the day was Common Loon seen at Smithville Lake, Smithville, Missouri.


Birding since 2006!
Larry - we've got red-breasted nuthatches here all year round, some tame enough to take food right out of my hand! Now, if you have any tufted titmice you could spare, then I'd be interested! I hear their range is expanding northward, but reports of them here and in southern Ontario are still very rare.

Larry Lade

Perhaps you will just have to be satisfied with your Oak and Juniper Titmice for the time being anyway.

We have a plethora of titmice here, but alas, they are all "tufted"! They seem to prefer the more wooded areas. I believe we have only gotten them in our yard a couple of times (as we live in residential Saint Joseph). We have quite a few trees in our yard, but it is certainly not heavily wooded.


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The weekend had some good spots- sparrowhawks (flying through the forest) and the buzzard over the hotel near St Heligan's. But the pick has to be the six spoonbills at Arne. A little boy and his dad told me when we were walking through the woodland habitat so I skiddaddled (sp- too many ds?) to the hide. I also saw a seal (probably harbour) as well.

Arne- one of my favourite places if it wasn't for the kids with catapults and people who don't have their phone's on silent.

Larry Lade

My bird of the day was Prairie Falcon. I even drew a little sketch of the bird as it sat out in plowed, harvested corn field. I watched it for about 20 minutes. It looked like it had a full crop and was occasionally preening.


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Larry Lade

My bird of the day was a Winter Wren seen at Bluff Woods Conservation Area just south of Saint Joseph, Missouri. I had not seen one for quite a while.


Birding since 2006!
Today's bird of the day was going to be the male American Kestrel sitting on a telephone wire out in the farmland south of my subdivision. Then, once I got home and started checking email, I saw a small flock of birds in the tree across the street. The birds turned out to be Pine Grosbeaks!

Yesterday's bird of the day was also the Pine Grosbeak, as I found them for the first time since starting my hunt. A lifer for me!

The Raptor

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My bird of the day, was a visit from a male Blackcap yesterday in my small garden. Had a female Blackcap visiting my garden, two years ago at the same time of the year, she stayed around for a couple of weeks, hope that this one does the same, although it did not show today.



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peter hill

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my bird othe day for satuarday was this guy a leighton moss seen in a strong wind


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Ken Hall

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this is going to sound like boasting, but it yesterday really was exceptional. Two King Eiders at Aberdeen (duck and drake), Bonaparte's Gull and Lesser Yellowlegs at Montrose.


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Had a good hour this morning at Spring Creek Park, Tomball (nr. Houston). Tons of birds but what made it for me was getting a reasonable photo of a Pileated. Also getting within 4 feet of a possum; he was so shocked that he fell off the tree!



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I was in the wet forest, so about the only close encounter I had was the usual getting checked out by a Hawai'i 'Elepaio. Except for a few white-eyes everything else was up in the canopy and mostly out of sight.

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