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What's been in your garden today? (1 Viewer)

Stewart J.

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Still minus 8 as I write so feeders very busy, group of 6 Starlings turned up an hour ago which is a very rare occurence.



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Yesterday afternoon several cardinals,chickadees,finches and one bluejay. Didn't see the squirrels but they usually come around in the morning

Richard W

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4 Hawfinch this afternoon o:)

not a new bird for work but great views and only second time I've seen them here in 13yrs, also large flocks of Fieldfare & Redwing.


Nothing unusual - hasn't been for a while.

But one of the 3 male Blackbirds we have been getting simultaneously lately, seems to have started to throw his weight around.

He waits for me to replace the ice in the bird bowl with water though.


It's like water off a duck's back!
Several garden firsts this week, Great Spotted Woodpecker (2), Siskin (3), Brambling male & today 5 Yellowhammers & a Grey Wagtail. Not bad for the edge of Northampton!

Dave J


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Well the frost here is bringing them in to my small back garden, even the territorial disputes have been reduced today.

12+ each Goldfinch, Chaffinch and Greenfinch
5 Siskins
4 Robins
5 Blackbirds
2 Song thrush
1 Wren
2 Starlings
4 Great Tits
2 Coal Tits
5 Blue tits
8 Feral pigeons
2 Carrion Crows
2 Magpies
3 Dunnocks

The only missing winter visitor still to arrive I hope are the Long Tailed Tits.
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helenol said:
Usual for me. Marsh/coal/blue/great/LT tits, nuthatch, blackbirds, wrens, robins, red kite fly pasts.. ;)

That is just boasting!

Blue tits, great tits, green finches, blackbird, robin, magpies, wood pigeon in mine in sleety south east London, not that I had long to look.

I've never listed the visitors we get so I'll give it a go now .... the above obviously and ....

... long-tailed tits, coal tits, wrens, dunnocks, starlings, mistle thrushes, blackcap (only ever twice - once this spring and then just a week ago), goldfinch (once, excitingly the week after I put up a niger feeder about three years ago - but never again!!), gr spotted woodpecker (twice recently on peanuts), green woodpecker (once), plenty of swifts above in the summer - and on one occaison a buzzard, pair of goldcrests (once, a couple of years ago), female chaffinch (but not for a couple of years).

I know there are goldfinches around the area and will have quite a few teasels flowering in the garden this year, so hopefully that will attract some (but nobody told me teasels were biennial, half of them probably got weeded out this year!)

BY the way one of the greenfinches feeding on the sunflower seeds a couple of weeks ago had a circle of bright greeny-yellow around its eye. Saw it twice. Anyone know if that was likely to be just an aberration or some less common variant I saw?
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Todays update as yesterday but not quite as busy but add a Mistle thrush which my wife had seen previously but my first time. In the front garden a Goldcrest and female Bullfinch. I also had a Sparrowhawk fly past the front window. I think I will take holidays at home more often :D


At last after five years the Goldfinches have finally landed! First there was two, then it was four and by mid afternoon half a dozen on the feeders.


i live next to an orchard and its brilliant for birds,we get;feildfairs,lapwing,crows,buzzards,jays,magpies and i even saw a sparrow hawk take a sparrow from our bird tablei also see my chicken eating our plants


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Got home in time today to watch the feeder and had a good show. Lots of cardinals, sparrows,finches, 2 downy woodpeckers, and a bluejay. It was very busy and then some kind of hawk passed through and it was real still for 45min to an hour.


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A Great Spotted Woodpecker visited our garden at least three times today plus at least a dozen Goldfinch. Up until a couple of weeks ago a Goldfinch would have been a new garden tick but one turned up and became an ever present on one of the Sunflower Hearts feeders. It was a nice suprise to see him joined by those other Goldfinch.

The Blue Tit numbers are huge in the garden, plus there are also large numbers of Great Tit and Greenfinch. We counted at least 8 Blackbird in the garden at the same time and the Dunnock numbers also seem to be up as we counted at least five around the one Feeder station and a few more at the other station.

Not many Chaffinch but there are at least three Robin vying for the food. All in all a satisfying number of birds visiting our garden at the moment and I find that I am having to fill the Sunflower Hearts feeders on a daily basis.


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Birding for fun
Not large number of species today, just good numbers.
9 Gt Tit
12 Blue Tit
3 L.T. Tit
1 Marsh Tit
2 coal tit
1 dunnock
2 Starling
4 Robin
10 Greenfinch
9 chaffinch (7 males)
2 House sparrows
4 blackbirds
1 magpie
3 wood pigeon
2 collared doves
1 goldfinch
1 carrion crow
All this in half an hour.


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Senior Moment
Not so much variety yesterday as in many recent days. A male Bullfinch for the second day in a row (nice!), two Blackcaps, a flock of 30 Greenfinch + Goldfinch and 6 Chaffinch. 9 Blackbirds.


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Hi Folks,

I obviously live in the birdless capital of Britain my daily total looks like:-

Male Blackbird
Few Collared Doves if I am lucky

Happy New Year, I hope you all appreciate them and are obviously feeding them well.

Ann :h?:


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I had a very large bird in my garden last night, she obviously had too much to drink. She either needed a quick tinkle or she lost her way. There was no harm in her so she just went on her way. :king:

That's Hogmannay eh?

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