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Where do I go to ask forum for id help? Missouri (1 Viewer)


Show-Me Missouri
I am just getting back into bird watching and have very little id experience. I saw a bird perched like a carolina wren on a small tree on a small limb at the edge of a big field in rural Missouri. It looked a lot lite a Corolina Wren in color but the head was black with white eye bar, white chin area. It stayed in one spot for at least 10 mins making a chirp call and bouncing his tail up and down each chirp. He made other sounds that were more muffled and harder to tell it came from him like throwing his voice. I am fairly certain he had a yellow bill. His head was not shaped like wren but a bit more like a swallow or fly catcher.


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It helps if you put the location in the thread title, and give information about when you saw it in your post.

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Hi LiG

I'll move your post to the ID forum for you.


Show-Me Missouri
The bird I saw looked similar to this but I saw a white eye bar, yellow beak, and a white patch on the throat. I am pretty sure the breast was the same color as the sides under the wings and matched the towhee color on sides. The tail flicked up and down when it chirped. My bins are old and not good, so clarity is not great. The head was a bit darker than the back and had a shape more like a flicker than a towhee. Any guesses?


Show-Me Missouri
Have I done something offensive or is the forum not very active? I thought this was likely a common bird for Missouri but no one seems to be interested in helping. I have seen birds bounce their tail when they chirp a few times in the past but cannot recall their name. I think either towhee or phoebe but this bird looks different. I thought maybe it was a variation of some kind. I hope to get a photo. That surely will help.

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