Where The Cails Does Flow (1 Viewer)

Through old low lying fields by night and by day
The Cails from Kippagh's high lake ever winds it's way
For to join the Finnow at a spot called the Lyre
The old waterways Duhallow writers do inspire
To write of the rivers in story and rhyme
The old waterways that are so old in time
Through high and rugged places where rank bracken grow
Down through green and fertile Ballydaly the river does flow
Through Feirm, Annagloor, Shannaknock, Liscreagh and Claraghatlea and on down
To join the Finnow a mile from Millstreet Town
On to Drishane to the Blackwater en route to the sea
Cork's largest waterway of an old history
In my flights of fancy I do visualize
Where the Cails waters flow the lark sings as upwards he flies.

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