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Brian Robson
I have had good views at Wykeham raptor viewpoint mid year, and would expect FEB/MAR. might be good for this species.


Tim Allwood said:
howden reservoir

derbys / south yorks

stand at windy corner on a nice suuny breezy day

or try nearby Strines area

OK thanks for your replies guys, might just try and drag the Wife down to Howden reservoir. If I remember rightly, there's a good pub somewhere near by (The pheasant or something).
I've looked at the OS map of Howden but can't see Windy corner, is it the western edge ?

BTW you hear of Gossies taking Jays, Crows, Pheasants and just about all woodland birds but I've never heard of them taking Magpies !


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there is a cracking pub and hotel called derbyshire bridge i think- about two miles away on the next reservoir down of the 3. probably has its own website. i would chose a weekday to go to windy corner as the road is closed to cars at weekends and its a longish walk. try a sunny march day, when you get to the big corner i parked my car up and walked up onto the hill to get views above the tree canopy that lines the road adjacent to the reservoir. But you can see them from the road but sometimes the tress obscure the view frustratingly. Eventually got good views of Goshawk. There are peak times for this species - late morning some say,also 2-3pm but not after some say, early morning too say others. My best view was of a displaying pair at Forest Of Dean at 5pm so dont give up.


Where to see a Goss

I think as some have already said the Howden, Ladybower, and the Strinds area, they are definatley around the Strinds Regards Shaun

the_tyke said:
I'm a big fan of Gossies. Anybody know of a good place (yorkshire preferably) to watch them ?

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