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Where will you go? (1 Viewer)


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I'd like to visit Berlin and spend some time observing goshawks in the city. If budget allows - Eleonora's falcons in Majorca or one of the other islands, and maybe Iceland in a couple of years.

Pretty modest hopes, but, to paraphrase the late Sean Connery in "The Rock", they keep a man alive...


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United Kingdom
Let's have an optimistic thread, share your plans and hopes for a birding trip when it all opens up.

The only 'patch' that I can watch right now, is a small one of mould in my porch, I'm desperate to get away like many others. Shows how deprived I am right now, a flock of Greylags had me jumping up and down as they flew over my local park whilst walking my toddler yesterday.

I hope to get to Ghana or somewhere else in Africa, I love Africa. I'm getting old, my body is failing me. So little time left and I still have so much to do, will I achieve my target of 100 countries and 5000 bird species?

My last few trips, top birds where I said, 'as long as I see that, don't care if I don't see anything else' included Pel's Fishing Owl, Harpy Eagle and Shoebill, god it seems so long ago!

So, come on, where will you go and what's the top target bird on your trip, that mega, 'must see', just one nomination allowed.

I'm pretty new to bird watching (maybe 8 months) and even newer to bird photography. I tend to like the whole package, i.e. birds sat in dense trees or backing onto the sea and complete with walks in our beautiful nature/countryside.

At the moment, I'm quite happy snapping the more common birds and I think I have a lot of learning and experiencing to do in this country before I even contemplate a trip abroad for bird watching purposes. Also, I've been pretty lucky in that I've managed to get to some outstanding places around the world, including Japan, Israel, Sarajevo, Istanbul and so on; but that said my favourite two countries are England and Wales. I absolutely love mid-Wales and it has everything I want in a holiday destination so for me it will be Wales. I'm thinking of going late February/early March and will book a cottage and spend 7 or 8 days bird watching in the most beautiful setting I've had the pleasure to experience.

In terms of optimism: I have a car, I live in County Durham where there is beautiful nature and coast lines, and even if I didn't have a car I'm in the countryside where a walk would take me to places teeming with birds. As you say, time is a valuable commodity and providing you have that then you have a very good basis for some thoroughly enjoyable days.

In terms of top target: I prefer the smaller birds so I'll go for a pied flycatcher (although I believe it wouldn't happen around February/March time).
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I had hope for a trip to Uganda/Tanzania next year, but I don't think that's going to happen.
My hopes are pretty low for 2021, but I still hope to go to some places (like London) where I would have the opportunity to do some birding. In particular, I wanted to visit Gran Paradiso National Park in northern Italy, maybe adding a boat trip from Genova to the Pelagos sanctuary, where it seems to be relatively easy to see Cuvier's Beaked Whale!
For next winter the situation should be much better, so maybe I'll be able to go outside of Europe...

Andy Adcock

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I really hope that some kind of certificate is issued to those immunised, so that all the pre testing which is currently required for most trips, can be cut out. Airlines should also 'play hardball' with those who refuse vaccination and deny them boarding.

Andy Hurley

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Was hoping to do Nova Scotia last year, so that is still on hold. May be another Namibia-Botswana trip, or may another trip home to Scotland. I might just hang on till after independence for the latter.


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Hmm, this year will probably still be tricky. So, the Highlands and Islands look good for (probably) late summer. Northern Thailand for Spring 2022 would be nice. Some nice hiking and good birds.


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United States
Unless it gets cancelled, moved, or goes online, there is a conference in July 2022 that is in Cairns Australia. Ton of new families to get there, so that is probably the next exotic "sure thing" as far as bird related travel. I've mentioned Panama before, but who knows when that is going to be doable. My doctor things I might be vaccinated by the end of March, but other sources point to May, and some more pessimistic people think end of summer (August?). Also how messed up is it that my doctor asked ME what tier I was in? That sort of shows you the level of information that is being disseminated to the medical community.

On the plus side, my travel credit from my cancelled flight has been extended until December 2021...so that is good.

I've spent a lot of time lately dreaming about realistic birding trips for the next few years. At the international level I would like to visit sooner than later Ecuador, Brazil, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, The Gambia, and Malaysia, besides Cairns. There are bird tours or independent guides who are within my budget and who operate during periods when I am off from teaching.


David and Sarah
Suspect Cuba or NE Brazil

Cuba just cancelled we were actually meant to arrive there today - top bird for me was Bee Hummer, for Sarah the Trogon, so might try to rearrange that early in new year while we can still use the tourist cards.

Like you we are trying for 100 countries (up to 93) and 5000 birds which I managed to get in Ethiopia with Stressman's Bushcrow.
Just to show things can still happen during these weird times. We got to Cuba (just back yesterday) and saw the Bee Hummer and the Trogon amongst some other brilliant birds.


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Just got back a few days ago from a month in Brazil. We arrived on Dec 21, about a week before Brazil imposed a negative COVID test requirement to enter. We returned on Jan 18, about a week before the US requirement kicks in - no boarding a plane anywhere to enter the USA without a negative test result, starting Jan 26.

We were masked whenever indoors, found copious amounts of sanitizer available in all stores, restaurants, and hotels, and used it. Buffets required the use of gloves to get your food. Social distancing protocoals were in effect everywhere. If anything, things seemed more strict there than in the USA.

We are on self-quarantine now here at home for 14 days, getting groceries delivered, etc.

It was the best birding trip we have ever done. 25 days of birding, 672 species, 284 lifers. Specifically we hit three areas: Amazonas, near Manaus, Sao Paulo, and the northeast states of Bahia and Ceara.

We used Brazil Birding Experts, and they set up a fantastic itinerary and provided crazy good guides. We got 100% of the northeast endemics possible on our route from Fortaleza down to Salvador.

Pictures and more detail here:


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