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White raptor Illinois USA

Hi all, -not a regular poster here, but you all helped me try to ID a ground dweller before.
A friend of mine snapped a photo of a pair some kind of raptors, here in Northern Illinois, one of which is almost totally white, the other mostly white.
The photo can be viewed here;


-on a local fishing forum.

BTW, check out his photo from last year, of a Northern Harrier. I ID'd that one for him last year:king:, so he asked me if I knew what these two "new" birds are.

Thanks in advance for any help with this ID.:t:
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All what I can see in your link is


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It isn't a very good picture. Maybe someone could work on it. I think I see a hint of a belly band on the bird on the left. Maybe Red-tailed Hawks? One albino or partial albino?

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Red-tailed was my impression (faint belly band) as well, and the white one is the same basic shape and size. The last photo in the series (for those that aren't "banned") could be a sharp-shinned rather than a cooper's judging from the tail, but it's hard to tell from the photo.