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The New York State bird is the bluebird. I live on Long Island and have never seen one. I don't understand why there are none on long island. I looked at their zones where they migrate and live normally and it says they are here. I am not aware of any being seen here, which is weird.

Has anyone seen a bluebird in upstate NY?


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Depending on the local habitat, Eastern Bluebirds are quite common in upstate NY. I'm not sure where you are on Long Island, but if you are close to the city, I know they are fairly common in Prospect Park. Further out, according to eBird, they are currently being seen around Hempstead, Huntington, and in the Connetquot River State Park. If you're all the way out, there are quite a few reports from Sag Harbor and Shelter Island.


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According to my favorite quick reference site: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Eastern_Bluebird/lifehistory

Eastern Bluebirds live in open country around trees, but with little understory and sparse ground cover. Original habitats probably included open, frequently burned pine savannas, beaver ponds, mature but open woods, and forest openings. Today, they’re most common along pastures, agricultural fields, suburban parks, backyards, and golf courses.

I've been in my house next to 100 acres of woods for almost 20 years and have never seen a bluebird in my yard.

But I know a place 10 minutes away that during the spring and summer I can always count on seeing quite a few. It's largely a once open field but now semi-populated with Jack pine and small shrubs and the field grass grows about a foot high. Not far from a water source.

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