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WikiAves Brasil - error (1 Viewer)


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All Brazilian tanagers in the genus Thraupis have been included in the genus Tangara (which I think preceded Thraupis). I am not associated with WikiAves but it follows the nomenclature of the Brazilian Ornithological Records Committee which has adopted the new classification. That is also the case with HBW. Thus Azure-shouldered Tanager became Tangara cyanoptera and Black-headed Tanager became Tangara argentea. Hopefully somebody more knowledgeable will explain the motivations in changing from Thraupis to Tangara.
Addendum-one exception: Blue-and-Yellow Tanager, formerly Thraupis bonariensis is now Pipraeidea bonariensis.
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Found this in https://neotropical.birds.cornell.edu/Species-Account/nb/species/blhtan1/systematics :

"The genus Tangara is paraphyletic with respect to Thraupis (Sedano and Burns 2010, Burns et al. 2014). As a result, Sedano and Burns (2010) suggest moving many species of Thraupis into Tangara, including Thraupis cyanoptera. Given that this species has the same specific eptithet as Tangara cyanoptera, a new name is needed for Tangara cyanoptera because its name post-dates Thraupis cyanoptera. Thus, Sedano and Burns (2010) suggest the junior synonym Tangara argentea be used for this species in the future. A more complete DNA analysis of the tanagers supported this recommendation (Burns et al. 2014)."

Thus it seems that the papers Sedano and Burns 2010, and Burns et al. 2014 (full refs in the above web page) form the basis for the reclassifications.

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