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Wilson's Warbler, maybe? (1 Viewer)

I was just down on the river that runs through my place (Arkansas river, south-central Colorado mountains) and saw a little bird that was a golden-green, pecking around the mud at water's edge. The closest I could come in my bird book was a Wilson's Warbler. However, the golden stripe over the eye wrapped all the way around the head, under the dark dome, seeming to be even more "bright" around the back of the head. I could not see the underside because I was above, looking down. The back looked more uniform in color than the book makes out. And the bird looked a little more fleet and lean than the book.


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I agree this sounds like a Wilson's Warbler. I have just spent the last week in the Colorado mountains and that was one of the most common birds I saw.
I want to thank you all for your replies.

My wife and I went back down to the river, sat and watched. We saw what I *think* are Wilson's Warblers, though they are thinner than those in the photos on the link provided here by njlarson. It may be that we are looking down on top of them. They almost look like large humming birds and they jet around over the water, landing on the rocks and mud on either side.

The bird that I saw looked like the other ones that my wife and I saw, with one exception: The bright yellow halo went clear around the head and was very distinct in the back of the head, too. Further, while the cap was there, and it was black, it was not as distinctly black as the photo. But the yellow ring is what got my attention. The yellow line on the other birds went around the front and sides of the head, but did not completely circle the head.

All the best. Jim.


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