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Wisteria and birds (1 Viewer)


I currently have a cherry tree in my garden which is frequently visited by different birds. There's also several feeders and nestboxes which have a lot of success.
Unfortunately the tree is slowly dying and this was the first year we didn't get any "tenants" in our nestboxes (possibly due to the decreased foliage).

The idea would be to start growing some species of wisteria along the tree trunk/branches once it's completely dead (to give the birds their needed camouflage).
However, it has come to my attention that these plants (or at least its seeds) are poisonous.

Would birds still frequent a tree if a wisteria is growing there? And if they do, would they know not to eat the seeds?

In case it matters, here are the most common birds that visit:
  • Blue & Great tit
  • Eurasian wren
  • House sparrow
  • European robin
  • Common starling
  • Common blackbird
  • Middle & Great spotted woodpecker
  • Short-toed treecreeper
  • Feral pigeons (these guys eat everything that's lying around...)
  • Eurasian magpie
  • Eurasian jay
  • Carrion crow
  • Western jackdaw
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I have several birdfeeders in my Wisteria at home and several more very close to it. Birds like to use the Wisteria as cover whilst they use the feeders. We get many birds and squirrels. Whilst my Wisteria floribunda only sets a few seeds each year, I have yet to see any birds or squirrels take any interest in them, let alone try to eat any.

Hope this helps.



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We have a wisteria growing the length of our house (about 17 metres) and no birds have come to any harm. In fact, currently, we have wood pigeons, blackbirds and blue tits nesting in it, in various parts. We've had it there for 20+ years.


Alright, thank you both for putting my mind at ease. :t: I really like the idea of a wisteria using a dead tree to grow on, but would never do it if it was harmful to the birds.


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Remember that if you buy a young wisteria plant it can take 5 years or more before it starts flowering. Worth paying a little more for a specimen that is already flowering.
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