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Wonder what happened to Hawke support? (1 Viewer)


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I sent them now two emails about my 10x25 Endurance crap focus and no reply to either.

Guess I'll end up pulling it apart to see if I can fix it myself but no response is a first in my experience with them and obviously not a brand I would rely on in future if this is how they are now.

In the past the service was very impressively immediate so quite a change.

I kind of think that the focus in these Endurance models is an inherent design/manufacture fault as this is the third one I have and they were all bad but an otherwise good potential very useful bin. This one is the least bad focus and it's still not really any good. I need a different diopter setting for distance than for closer in and there is some slack also which is not good but then the focus is so fast and with 10x mag and low dof then it's asking for trouble although my Nikon M7 10x30 pulls it off perfectly. My Hawke Sapphire 8x43 has a pretty much absolutely exacting focus thank goodness.

If it focused solidly, the optics are very good and it's very light, compact, sharp and reasonably glare resistant but the focus is plain rubbish and basically is eye/brain straining. It's ok if you've got a few minutes to find a focus every time you view something different but why would anyone be bothered with that when you could have another bin from many brands that simply does what the focus wheel is there for.

Thumbs down Hawke |:(|

Focusing obviously a low priority on some of their models but it's basics that need to work well.

I decided just to send them this link. I gave them credit when they had good service.
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Well that seemed to work. Got a response from them about 2 seconds later lol :t:

That's amazing :h?:


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Ok thanks very much Hawke for looking into that for me.

This replacement pair seem to be the best yet I think although I've still got to get out and give them a proper try out. Definitely the slack is sorted and I think the near and far focus may be good enough although it still seems a little out from being exact but hopefully when I get to try them properly outdoors on my usual round they will work well enough and they should do and hopefully they will remain so. It's important to me as I do a lot of near and far mixed viewing.

I suppose compacts focusers are more of a challenge as all my larger bins have really very good focus accuracies and my compacts not just so much but I really did have noticeable near/far focus difference problems with this model in particular so while I still wouldn't give it any special award in this aspect I do hope the improvement makes it much more user friendly and hopefully I will get a proper try out with it tomorrow after I've done a bit of gluing to the leatherette which seems to come loose on the inside of the barrel's. Or I might just put some tape on it like the last pair.

At least my 8x43 Sapphire are still fantastic. I had those out the other day. Really good. Maybe they spoil this Endurance for me some. It can't really compete with the Sapphire except for it's compactness and I want the small Endurance to work well focusing tomorrow as I want it to be my main compact and it may well be good enough now so thank you very much again for your efforts.

Much appreciated. :t:

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