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Wow - New Pentax PF 65ED-II (Angled) (1 Viewer)


I've been reading up on the quality and cost benefits of the Pentax scopes, and I wanted to thank everyone here for the helpful discussion (this is post #1 for me). I just purchased a used XW14 EP from the classified forum, and ordered the new scope from Adorama.

I thought that some people here might be interested to know that Adorama was out of the angled 65ED-II's with the zoom EP, but still had three "body only" in stock. Mike at Adorama looked up the price and told me $599 (which is the best I've found online), then said, "but I'll do it for $500" before I even had the chance to barter. With only nine bucks shipping - $509 can't be beat.

I spent $245 on the XW14, so my grand total is $754. A week ago, I was on Ebay bidding over $1300 for a Zeiss Diascope. I owe you guys a bunch for converting me!

If anyone is interested in the new scope, there are still two left at Adorama. Call the 800 number and ask for Mike in binoculars (ext. 2261) and get the same deal. Even if they sell out, I'll bet he'll back-order for the same price. I told him I'd send some referrals. (I believe Adorama ships overseas?)

I'll let you know how fast it ships and how everything looks when it arrives. From what I've seen and read, I won't be disappointed.


mmdnje said:
Hi Jackson. That is great...Are you sure is the II version and not the older version?? Jose

Positive. I asked twice just to make sure. I'll confirm it here again when the package arrives...


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Jackson said:
Positive. I asked twice just to make sure. I'll confirm it here again when the package arrives...

If they are quoting $599 list for the body it _should_ be a II, the original PF65's listed @ $549.00 from what I've seen.

The PF65-EDa II & XW14 is a very nice combination as I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.

Just watch out - those 1.25" EP's are strangely addictive ;)


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Just wanted to let everyone know that I took advantage of the OPs deal and got the scope body for $500 but the eyepiece for $309 so not quite as good, but still a good deal for sure! Cannot wait for it to arrive!

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