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I originally ID'd this as a Yellow-throated Warbler but looking at it now, I am not sure it is a Yellow-throated because they do not have a yellow rump. It was suggested that this is a Palm Warbler, however, not sure about Palm because in February they should not have a yellow throat. If it is a Palm then is it Eastern/Western, breeding/nonbreeding? Or is it some other bird??

The photograph was taken in Big Cypress Preserve in southern Florida on February 11.


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Hi Bob,

This is a Palm Warbler - Brown/Western. Yellow-throated has a very definitive facial pattern with much more extensive yellow trailing from the throat down to the breast, black breast-streaking only down the flanks contrasting against a white belly, blue/gray back/mantle/wings, two distinctly white wingbars, and as you say - not a yellow rump.

Your Palm Warbler is molting a bit early (if you look at the crown, it's starting to turn rufousy) - so that explains the yellow on the throat. The breast streaks are finer than Yellow-throated and the belly/breast and back/mantle/wings are much drabber.

David Norgate

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Yellow-throated always come across as Grey (black, white) and yellow birds, not brown. Interesting the yellow throat - indicative as said earlier of the western form of Pine.

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