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Another Chevin question, I saw some very large bats (jackdaw-sized possibly!) fly over, what could these have been?

Reminds me of some years back when first on Cyprus, at Neo Chorio, and one night I walked to the local bar in the pitch dark. When suddenly across the small street light flew this big thing... I knew it wasn't a bird, the wings didn't look "feathered" turns out they were Fruit Bats and they were the size of Jackdaws..... nice on a very dark night...:eek!:.:t: They regularly fed on the seed pods of the Carob trees......
Sorry if I'm off the thread.......;)

Keith Dickinson

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Another Chevin question, I saw some very large bats (jackdaw-sized possibly!) fly over, what could these have been?

Back when I was a RSPB Wildlife Explorers group leader we had a group meeting addressed by a lady from the former bat hospital in Otley. She brought with her a noctule bat that had been injured and had lost one wing, she said that they were common on the Chevin. It was probably not much bigger than my fist with wing furled.


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last 2 days

dipped the red rumped swallow, but still had some nice birds


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East Yorkshire Wildlife
Spurn Firecrest

I went back to Spurn today, it was a bit quieter, windier and rainier than yesterday, and as such made the birding a bit more difficult. This firecrest showed well at times at the warren, also a single brambling and distant red kite were about the best of it.


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First Swallows at LDV

Some from the last few days,also had first Swallows,Siskin,White Pheasant and lots of other stuff more details on my Blog. http://zingsldv.blogspot.co.uk/


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