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Your Most Recent "Life" Bird (1 Viewer)


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White wagtail (#386) and ringed kingfisher (#387), both seen at Roy Guerrero Park in Austin, Texas within 60 seconds of each other. One bird at the extreme north of its range and the other well of course from where it belongs, but very cool to see them together. The wagtail has been very cooperative for much of the last month, but I wasn't able to make it down until just last weekend.


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Pink-footed Goose at Metsakyla, Hamina, Finland. This individual was quite hard to seperate from about 30 Bean Geese, cos it doesn't had an "frozen" back and it was swimming all the time.


David and Sarah
Sinai Rosfinch

I suppose not technically a lifer but I did connect with Basalt Wheatear for the first time in the Uvda valley, Israel on 8th February as my only new bird.

Plenty of other cracking birds on that trip though so pics with which I was pleased of Thick-billed Lark, Sinai Rosefinch, Scrub Warbler & Green Bee-eater.

All the best


Great photos. A much better photo of Sinai Rosefinch than I got at Little Petra in Jordan.

Suspect it might be my last lifer for a while if all travel is suspended.

Ian Lewis

aka Gryllo
1 new bird in Florida (Florida Scrub Jay), 25 in Guyana (including Red Siskin, Sun Parakeet and Crimson Fruitcrow) and 13 in Suriname (the last being Collared Gnatwren). Home just in time before the global shut down.



Mike Kilburn
Hong Kong
A few in the San Francisco Bay Area on my last Conference Birding outing:

  1. Rock Wren
  2. Anna's Hummingbird
  3. Allen's Hummingbird
  4. California Thrasher
  5. Lark Sparrow
  6. Sagebrush Sparrow
  7. Tricoloured Blackbird
  8. Brewer's Blackbird
  9. Snow Goose
  10. Ross's Goose
  11. minima Cackling Goose (unexpected and the best of the lot)
  12. Ridgeway's Rail

Not a bad return for one day and hours the next morning. The details, along with pix of 10 of the 12 listed species and some bonus video clips, are here: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=387268

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in vitrio

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Avocet at Middleton Lakes near Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.

Being bullied by a black-headed gull.

I haven't finished my checklist yet, but I think that could be my 500th species. Depends on how many subspecies I've jotted down...


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Paul Chapman

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Maybe stretching this a bit but I've found a notebook from a 2004 family holiday in Florida so my lifelist will be getting longer as soon as I can get it input!!

Happy days.


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Last lifer was a Brown Quail on Maria Island, Tasmania on 16th Nov 2019. However, I didn't see it very well (just flushed it, but must have been this species).
My last properly identified lifer was a Cape barren Goose, also on Maria Island, Tasmania on 13th Nov 2019.

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