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Your Most Recent "Life" Bird (1 Viewer)

Steve Lister

Senior Birder, ex County Recorder, Garden Moths.
United Kingdom
A British 'lifer' in the impressive form of the Caspian Tern at Frampton Marsh on Friday.

I have spent 50 years birding now and always hoped to find one of these myself, either flying past Spurn in my youth or dropping in to one of the Leics/Rutland reservoirs in the last 30 years but no luck and so finally twitched one.


bronze sunbird

Well-known member
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (Empidonax flaviventris). A fairly scarce passage migrant in these parts. I'm happy to have caught up with this one on May 26 in Price Edward County - it saved me from having to search for them on their massively buggy breeding grounds.


Well-known member
June 27th Lanceolated Warbler in Lemi, Finland (heard only)
July 6th Pied Bushchat in Eurajoki, Finland (3rd in Finland - and Western Europe) :king:


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Will Jones
After a dry spell of 14 months I finally got 2 more lifers today, at Hortobagy, Hungary.

2076. Pygmy Cormorant
2077. Little Bittern

in vitrio

Well-known member
Alpine swifts in Berne. Dozens of them flocking around a bridge in the old city centre, and a few of them swooping around in the centre itself.

Damn difficult to photograph though...


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in vitrio

Well-known member
I don't know if this is a common rock thrush or a blue rock thrush, but, either way, it is a first for me...spotted gazing over the sea at Catalan Bay, Gibraltar, this morning.


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Carpe Carpum
Staff member
Before we went back in to lockdown I picked up a Buff breasted Sandpiper in Pembrokeshire.


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Jeff Hopkins

Just another...observer
United States
Nice to see some people adding to their lists.

The only non-ABA rarity that showed up in the northeastern US were birds I'd already seen (Wood Sand and YG Vireo in NJ). And I'm not heading anywhere else in the US that would make me quarantine for 2 weeks when I came home.



Well-known member
The Wilsons Phalarope today at Keyhaven Marshes was a lifer for me. It will probably remain the only lifer for me this year thanks to Covid-19 (no foreign travel in 2020).


Well-known member
United States
Imagine my shock when I arrived at my local reservoir and I got on a juvenile Sabine's Gull while the car was still moving! It appeared with several Lesser Black-backs that really dwarfed it. Sabine's is a big rarity in these parts, and it stayed for barely 3 minutes before heading south.

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