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Your Most Recent "Life" Bird (1 Viewer)


Lesser Crested Tern to conclude a trip through Morocco with some 36 lifers and plenty of interesting taxa to await the inevitable armchair ticks... though the best bird was of course Bald Ibis.


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Tristram's Starling.

May 4th in the St Katherine's Hotel grounds, near the Monastery on Sinai.


chris butterworth

aka The Person Named Above
My last two 'lifers' were probably not the best in the world as they are due to 'splits' but :-
Kamtchatka Leaf Warbler
Sakhalin Leaf Warbler

both on Tsushima, on April 26th.



Ich bin ein Vogelbeobachter
Just returned from a week near Minsmere, got my first sightings of Cetti's Warbler, Dartford Warbler, Black Tern, Woodlark, Garden Warbler, Marsh Tit, Turtle Dove and, although not a wild bird, the Greater Flamingo.

Also got to see Hummingbird Hawk-moth, Green Hairstreak, Slow Worm, Stoat, Muntjac and Red Deer in the wild for the first time too... although those are somewhat outside the topic of this thread! :-O
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We were in central Florida in February, where I got my first viewing of a purple gallinule. This particular one was quite curious about my camera.


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United States
3 new species this weekend in Colorado

Rufous-collared Sparrow*
Northern Saw-whet Owl
Pinyon Jay

The sparrow is a controversial bird; no doubt on the id, but how it got to Colorado is a mystery. This would be a first ABA record if accepted, which is a pretty big if. At any rate, at least for now, the odd location (middle of nowhere in a small mountain community) and absence of any clear indication of captive origin (feather wear, leg band, etc) is causing me to tentatively add this bird to my life list.


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Angarnsjöängen continues to deliver to me... 2 cy male Red-footed Falcon there last Friday. Nice bird!

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