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Zoom for the Pentax PF 80ED (1 Viewer)


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I had a conversation about this with another bf member who has tried different zooms on the Pentax, and scoured the different threads here and although the Baader seems top, the Pentax' own zoom seems to deliver quite a performance as well


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Here is a picture of my modified Baader Zoom. I focuses to well over a mile away at the highest magnification.
Personally this has been more this adequate for my needs. Do you really need infinity for birding?

I don't use the zoom much, it's so quick easy just to pop another fixed eyepiece in I use them most of the time.
My main gripe about the Baader is the dust protection and weather proofing. It doesn't seem to have any.


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Pentax infamous barrel notch

The problem with pentax scopes is that the eyepiece socket ,has a notch in the bottom that prevents many eyepieces to sit all the way in,preventing them to reach infinity focus..Yes ,I need infinity focus to bird,of course I do. Specially with a scope!!!..I had to cut a niche in my old Swarovski Astronomy Zoom barrel,many years ago,to reach infinity in my Pentax PF65ED.It was a fixed 1 1/4 barrel and the field stop was way above the end of the barrel,so no problem.With the baader I don't know,but I think would be the same.I don't think the field stop would create any problem,as the Kowa tsn3 narrow neck did ,to prevent insertion.If the astro barrel prevents full insertion ,the problem would be easily and safely solved cutting a small niche in the bottom..


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I have both the Pentax and Badaar and a PF 80 Ed. I have the Badaar for my telescope and the Pentax for my scope. The telescope is wrapped up for Christmas for the family so I can get back to you after Christmas about it.

I can tell you that the Pentax zoom is super smooth to change magnification and is comfortable to get behind on all powers (albeit the eye box is a bit tight on the higher power). The Image produced is incredibly clear and I cannot remember seeing any distortion on any of the field of view. I also like how well it fits in the scope, it has a notch cut out to allow it to drop in place before tightening. From what I’ve read elsewhere the Badaar MKiv comes with an adapter to allow it to Focus to infinity when used with the scope this scope. All of my comments are preliminary as I do not have much time behind the scope yet. I will tell you this, I am on the hunt for a better tripod setup as the eye piece with the scope requires a very sturdy set up. I’m probably going with a manfrotto 502ah/055 setup.

O hope this helps.

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