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  • ...ative names: Ethiopian Oriole; Abyssinian Black-headed Oriole; Dark-headed Oriole''' [[Image:Oriole ethiopian.jpg|thumb|550px|right|Photo by {{user|volker+sthamer|volker stham
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  • '''Alternative name: Black-tailed Oriole''' [[Image:Montane-Oriole.jpg|thumb|550px|right|Photo by {{user|jc122463|jc122463}}<br />Mount Kenya
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  • ...ternative names: Seram Oriole; Ceram Oriole; Forsten's Oriole, Grey-necked Oriole''' ...brown Oriole]], [[Black-eared Oriole]], [[Dusky-brown Oriole]] and [[Brown Oriole]].
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  • '''Alternative name: Buru Oriole''' It was formerly considered conspecific with [[Tanimbar Oriole]].
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  • '''Alternative names: Eastern Black-headed Oriole; Black-headed Oriole''' ...r similar species (eg the [[Western Black-headed Oriole]] or the [[Montane Oriole]]) by its olive central tail feathers and the yellowish edge of its inner s
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  • [[Image:Black Oriole 080411.jpg|thumb|550px|right|Photo by {{user|Borneo+bird+guide|Borneo bird Montane forests of northern Sarawak (northern [[Borneo]])
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  • Montane forests. ...tly *[http://www.scscb.org/working_groups/Actions/bird-april-07-montserrat-oriole.htm this ]; is a relatively complete presentation of the species.
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  • It is an excellent area for montane species and the slopes around Lake Kari lower in the hills can also be prod ...areas are home to [[Mountain Chiffchaff]], [[Eurasian Golden Oriole|Golden Oriole]] and [[Syrian Woodpecker]].
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  • [[Martinique Oriole]] is the only endemic species, while [[Blue-headed Hummingbird]], [[White-b ...r]], [[House Sparrow]], [[Carib Grackle]], [[Shiny Cowbird]], [[Martinique Oriole]], [[Village Weaver]]}}
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  • ...serrat Oriole]] (''Icterus oberi''). This bird depends entirely on the wet montane forests of Montserrat's higher hills, and its population was badly affected
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  • [[Image:Black-and-Crimson-Oriole.jpg|thumb|350px|right|Fledgling<br />Photo by '''[http://www.birdforum.net/ Montane forest and forest edges.
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  • The wooded areas have [[Eurasian Golden Oriole|Golden Oriole]] and [[Firecrest]] and larks, shrikes and various warblers inhabit the scr In the surrounding countryside [[Eurasian Golden Oriole|Golden Oriole]], [[Eurasian Hoopoe|Hoopoe]], [[Woodchat Shrike]] etc are common and [[Les
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  • ...riety of habitats, from lakes and savanna woodland and grasslands, through montane forest and heath, to alpine meadows. ...m and walk back down through the forest zones, starting on the edge of the Montane heath with options of a number of high altitude sunbird species. The Podoca
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  • [[Image:Lorelindu1.jpg|thumb|550px|right|Montane forest, Anaso track<br />Photo by {{user|wintibird|wintibird}}, October 201 ...tional Park is located in central [[Sulawesi]] and consists of lowland and montane rainforest. It covers 2,180 km².
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  • ...t]], [[Blue Tit]], [[Great Tit]], [[Eurasian Nuthatch]], [[Eurasian Golden Oriole]], [[Woodchat Shrike]], [[Iberian Grey Shrike]], [[Common Jay]], [[Iberian ...utcrop known as Los Barrerones which gives good views of raptors and other montane species over a nearby gorge.
    6 KB (920 words) - 18:57, 21 March 2021
  • There are few places where such a mix of montane, forest, Mediterranean and wetland birds can be seen within such a small ar ...thatch]], [[Short-toed Treecreeper]], [[Penduline Tit]], [[Eurasian Golden Oriole]], [[Red-backed Shrike]], [[Lesser Grey Shrike]], [[Woodchat Shrike]], [[Co
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  • Doi Inthanon comprises some of the tallest and best preserved montane forest found anywhere in the entire country. The predominance of massive, h ...ecies found in the preceding area, [[Large Woodshrike]] and [[Black-hooded Oriole]] should be looked for. Soaring birds of prey can sometimes be seen over th
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  • The honeycreeper and fruit dove can be seen in the montane forest around the crater lakes at Bedugul in central Bali as well as [[Flam ...[[Bali Myna]], [[White-vented Myna]], [[Eastern Hill Myna]], [[Black-naped Oriole]], [[Black Drongo]], [[Ashy Drongo]], [[Hair-crested Drongo]], [[Greater Ra
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