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rosemary Parker
Wednesday 6th October 2004, 18:52
I am a newspaper reporter seeking information about turkey vultures. They seem to be very abundant in southwest Michigan at the moment, and a local authority suggested that I check the internet to see if anyone has posted any counts. He said it is normal for them to be migrating through the area this time of year. I am wondering why I am seeing so many of them-- several on roadkill over the past few weeks whereas in the past I've been lucky to see one or two birds a year.
Any thoughts, numbers, or direction to sites?

Andrew Rowlands
Wednesday 6th October 2004, 19:05
Hi Rosemary,

Welcome to Birdforum from all the Staff here!

I think you've come to the right place to get the answers you need. I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you out.



Andrew Rowlands
Wednesday 6th October 2004, 19:58
Hi again Rosemary,

A quick Google came up with this:-


Should give you something to go on for a while - don't forget to check back later!


Wednesday 6th October 2004, 20:14
On 31 October 1998 I travelled over the Chesapeake Bridge and down to Salisbury, Maryland and then back again the next day. Didn't stop to bird; just travelling. Even then there were plenty of Turkey Vultures in the sky - counted about 100.

Bill A
Monday 22nd November 2004, 16:38
I'm in SE--not SW--Michigan, where TV's are very, very common from early March until mid-November. The last few seem to have left just recently.


Monday 22nd November 2004, 22:07
Hi Rosemery:

Here in Panama, central america, we still having TVīs migrating over Panama city and this seems to be very unusual since other years the migration is over by mid-november.
Panama Audubond Society together with Hawk Mountain sanctuary set up an ocean to ocean raptors count for the very first year here in Panama. As a result we had counted more than 3 millions raptors.
The count was supposed to be finish by november 14 but during november 13,14 and 15 about 250,000 raptors (mostly TV) flew over Panama.
Today, 8 days after the normal ending of the migration we still having thousands of TV flying over Panama city Skyline.
It seem that the population had grown in the las 5 years.

I will keep you updated with the final numbers of our count to see if that information could help you.