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Recent content by aeshna5

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    Warblers in Slovakia

    I would tend to agree with Deb B.
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    Pipits in Slovakia

    I'm getting a Water Pipit vibe on the last.
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    some goshawk or sparrowhawk, hyderabad november 2015

    Certainly looks longer tailed than any Sparrowhawks I've seen in UK or Europe, so makes sense it's a different race.
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    Warbler and duck in the Netherlands--Haren

    Tufted Duck-looks juvenile & Common Whitethroat.
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    Why are some people vehemently against reintroductions?

    This is true. Red Kite in parts of England would be a classic example of this. I now see these birds daily over my west London garden & have increased by a phenomenal amount.
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    Eurasian Wigeon possible hybrid? California.

    Certainly doesn't look like a pure Eurasian Wigeon with the flank coloration.
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    January Moths 2021

    A few weeks ago was 2020!;)
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    Male or female Mallard? - Eastern Ontario, Canada

    Male Mallard in winter plumage are at their most colourful as ducks in the Northern Hemisphere pair up in the winter. They go into a more cryptic eclipse plumage when they are flightless for a period in mid-late summer. By September Mallard drakes are quite striking again.
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    January Moths 2021

    My first- a White-shouldered House Moth in the bathroom which has been duly evicted!
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    SW Florida - mixed bag

    1 Thinking Red-shouldered Hawk 2 Agree Spotted Sandpiper 3/4 Swamp Sparrow I think
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    Comment by 'aeshna5' in media 'Baby Fieldfare (1)'

    Mistle Thrush.
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    Comment by 'aeshna5' in media 'Baby Fieldfare (3)'

    Not a Fieldfare which are winter visitors in England! Judging by following images a Mistle Thrush.
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    What is this bird?

    Meadow Pipit-not a typical garden bird but one of open sites. Maybe harsh weather brought it in. I see small flocks this time of year locally in the west London suburbs, but I'd never expect one in my garden.
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2021 edition)

    No I generally don't bother with photos as I only have a basic camera.
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    Who dat Wigeon?

    Looks alright for American to me.