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Recent content by angusmcoatup

  1. angusmcoatup

    Tree containing goshawk nest felled

    £100? I don’t think qualifies as a fine anymore. Not exactly punitive or a deterrent.
  2. angusmcoatup

    Southern water pollution - appalling read

    It’s corruption. Something we seem to be coming inured to as a nation.
  3. angusmcoatup

    Southern water pollution - appalling read

    I’m guessing as there are no names of staff involved at the time that could be the case. That this was part of the culture of a large company spread across multiple sites is unbelievable. Who takes that line on behalf of an employer under the normal conditions of their job? More so that those...
  4. angusmcoatup

    Southern water pollution - appalling read

    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jul/09/how-southern-water-sewage-dumping-scandal-unfolded I’m amazed at the scale of negligence, wilful destruction and size of the area affected. £90 million doesn’t sound anywhere near enough for reparation and restoration considering the damage done.
  5. Mexican Violet-Ear

    Mexican Violet-Ear

  6. angusmcoatup

    Bird girl

    This is a birdwatching forum, not Wikileaks. I signed up under a pseudonym to keep down the number of places on the net I could be traced by nosy employers, colleagues, acquaintances etc which seems reasonably acceptable to me. It’s not like disagreeing with the odd birder is grounds for...
  7. angusmcoatup

    Green Woodpecker, Worcestershire Uk where to find them

    It’s around 25 years since I lived in Worcester but Castlemorton common was a good site for Green Woodpecker I seem to recall. I’ve attached a link to a site page that may help, includes Lesser spotted Woodpecker too.
  8. angusmcoatup

    Bittern 'Booming' in late November

    https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=189154 A previous thread suggesting it’s not unknown.
  9. angusmcoatup

    British countryside at threat- Article

    Worth a read, a little more detail than often seen in media articles. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/31/herbicides-insecticides-save-british-countryside-meaows
  10. angusmcoatup

    Thoughts on Canon Rebel t3i-t6i series

    I’ve been using a Canon Eos 550 for several years now which came under the Rebel banner in the USA. The camera takes some great photos if used right, and often great photos through trial and error. I’d recommend whichever the latest models are available, a quick look on Amazon suggests the Uk...
  11. angusmcoatup

    How many escape species have you encountered over the years in your garden?

    Salford in the 80’s I had Diamond dove, 2 Zebra finches, a flyover falconers bird with jessies, and a parakeet sp. There were lots of aviaries in my area and I saw lots of escapes nearby (Silver Pheasant, Waxbill etc). In London I’ve seen Alexandrine parakeet, an unidentified Parakeet and a budgie.
  12. angusmcoatup

    Walrus, North Ronaldsay

    I can’t find any detail but there are records for Spain and Belgium also.
  13. angusmcoatup

    Gambia Field Guide.

    I wouldn’t take it personally. A fair suggestion but too many similar looking species crammed into the WA book which you’ve no chance of seeing in Gambia. The Gambia/Senegal books at least narrows everything down plus the illustrations are larger and clearer due to space.
  14. angusmcoatup

    Gambia Field Guide.

    I used the Borrow guide, which did the job well, few issues and from a quick look at Amazon is a hell of a lot cheaper.
  15. angusmcoatup

    Suggestions for destinations in India?

    I went from Kochi to Trivandrum, around £25 for a driver and car including a good tip for most legs of the journey. We started at Hornbill camp and took in most of the good wildlife areas on the way down over 3 weeks. Didn’t cost much, malaria very low risk, no tout hassle in Kerala and lots of...