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    Tufted Titmouse?

    Wonder if it's a juvenile bird, with that posture suggesting begging. Also, the angle is tough but the bird seems to have a bit of pale at the bill base and perhaps lacks the black forehead of adults.
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    Garden / Yard List 2021

    A big surprise came our way when a pair of 98. Great Crested Flycatcher checked out both boxes this afternoon! The one is occupied by 5+ Tree Swallow chicks, while the bluebirds are getting ready for Round 2 (already fledged two chicks). I'm pretty sure the entrances are too small for the GC...
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    ID Help - NY, USA

    I'm not sure quite how this happened, but it appears that most of these pictures were identified a month and a half ago on a different thread. https://www.birdforum.net/threads/ny-id-help-usa.407831/#post-4176843
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    Green Heron Catching and Eating a Dragonfly

    Very neat! I don't think of them as insectivorous, but I'm sure they would take flying ones given the chance. Aquatic ones for sure, too.
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    Flycatcher - Quebec, Canada

    One of the Empidonax flycatchers. I think Willow/Alder.
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    Another one in Point Reyes, CAL region

    My train of thought followed this completely. Even accounting for the fact that Pacific Purple Finches are browner and a bit less "crisp" than the Eastern ones I'm used to, this really looks like a House Finch to me.
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    Is this a juvenile Baltimore Oriole or a different species?

    Baltimore Oriole indeed. Adult females can show a "peppered" look on the head as well.
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    Dark-eyed Junco? California

    It looks alright for an Oregon to me. Females show a lighter head than the nearly black hood of males.
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    Avian misnomers

    And Mrs. Moreau's Warbler.
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    Avian misnomers

    Common Nighthawk is commonly touted a misnomer. Although they will migrate at night, they feed mainly in late afternoon/dusk. I guess they used to be more common than now, but the "hawk" part is just plain error!
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    Common Tern, Portland, Maine, May 16, 2021 (re-confirm)

    I think the right hand bird in photo 1 shows underparts that are too strongly gray for Forster's, as pointed out by Butty above. Although the shadowed areas are darker, I think there's still too much contrast between the bright white cheeks and the gray neck/upper breast that is still in direct...
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    Northern Pygmy-Owl?? Mountain Pygmy-Owl?? (Madera Canyon, AZ)

    Wonder if the prey item is a Pine Siskin? Might fit given apparent yellow on tail feather and heavy streaks otherwise. Fine photos as usual.
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    Garden / Yard List 2021

    One more in my push for 100, although it will probably slow down considerably until autumn again. 97. Scarlet Tanager (heard only)
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    Bird song Windsor, Vermont, USA

    Sounds like you've got two birds calling, a Scarlet Tanager giving "chick-burr" calls and a Veery giving those downslurred "veer" calls.
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    Empidonax - Washington DC, May 18

    I do think it's better for Willow/Alder than Acadian. Perhaps probability says most likely Willow.