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Recent content by Cadu Agne

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    Crypturellus tinamous

    Yellow-legged Tinamou Barbara Mizumo Tomotani, Luís Fábio Silveira. 2016. A REASSESSMENT OF THE TAXONOMY OF CRYPTURELLUS NOCTIVAGUS (WIED, 1820). RBO. 24(1), 34-45. link pdf: http://www4.museu-goeldi.br/revistabrornito/revista/index.php/BJO/article/view/1356 abstract: Crypturellus...
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    Two Thlypopsis ruficeps! Two Thlypopsis ruficeps: T. ruficeps (d’Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837) - Rust-and-yellow Tanager T. ruficeps (Strickland, 1844) (Pyrrhocoma ruficeps) - Chestnut-headed Tanager
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    São Paulo Marsh Antwren

    Buzzetti, Belmonte-Lopes, Reinert, Silveira & Bornschein, 2013. A new species of Formicivora Swainson, 1824 (Thamnophilidae) from the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia. 21: 269-291 ABSTRACT: Formicivora paludicola sp. nov. (São Paulo Marsh Antwren) is described from...
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    Brazilian Checklist Update

    Dear everyone, the latest version of the Brazilian Checklist is available online now (www.cbro.org.br). the changes: New orders: Rheiformes Steatornithiformes Nyctibiiformes New families: Xenopidae Oxyruncidae Pipritidae Platyrinchidae Tachurididae Passerillidae Mitrospingidae New...
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    HBW splits Nystalus striolatus N. torridus N. obamai Dendrocolaptes certhia D. retentus D. radiolatus D. juruanus D. concolor D. ridgwayi D. medius Lepidocolaptes albolineatus L. fatimalimae L. duidae L. fuscicapillus L. layardi Campyloramphus procurvoides C. gyldenstolpei C. cardosoi C...
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    Comprehensive list of taxonomic authorities

    Brazil CBRO (www.cbro.org.br) Brazilian check-list.
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    Turdus sanchezorum

    This new thrush occurs in Brazil?
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    Pelican from Brazil

    Hi Fritz, the pelican could be P. thagus?
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    Pelican from Brazil

    Dear birders Can anyone help with this bird? The images are visible on this links: http://www.wikiaves.com.br/268164&t=u&u=5874 http://www.wikiaves.com.br/fotogrande.php?f=268164
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    Nacunda Nighthawk

    Hi Peter, I'm sorry, new is: Chordeiles nacunda coryi
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    Nacunda Nighthawk

    AGNE, C. E. ; PACHECO, José Fernando . Um novo nome para Chordeiles nacunda minor (Cory, 1915). Ararajuba (Rio de Janeiro), 19(1):80, 2011. Abstract: A new name for Chordeiles nacunda minor (Cory, 1915). A new replacement name is proposed for Chordeiles nacunda minor (Cory, 1915), since this...
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    Caprimulgiformes splits

    Thanks Guy and Richard
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    Caprimulgiformes splits

    Antrostomus heterurus Todd's Nightjar in Brazil Hi, Cleere 2010 cites Antrostomus heterurus for Brazil? thanks Cadu Agne
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    Amaurospiza is now Cyanoloxia (www.cbro.org.br)