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Recent content by Colin Clark

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    ABA Big Year 2018

    Biggest Big Year of Someone Not Actually Doing a Big year? Wondering if my 617 ABA list for 2018 constitutes the biggest non-Big-Year Big Year list? 12th spot on eBird. My objective as an Australian working in Detroit (who had birded in the US a couple of times previously) most of the year...
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    Western or Cassin's Kingbird? - Tres Pinos California

    Is this one Western or Cassin's?
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    Dickcissel? - Point Mouillee, Michigan, USA

    EBird anomalies I have found a few anomalies in eBird like this. In some other countries with less-developed list sometimes very common birds don't even appear on lists.
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    Passerines from Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks guys. I think it's a bit early for Orange-Crowned up here and there were other Cape May Warblers around so I think that is more likely. I was with Red-eyed for the Vireo but all the books indicate at least some redness in the eye where this looks very black-eyed. It was quite large...
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    Dickcissel? - Point Mouillee, Michigan, USA

    Thanks Guys - I thought so but eBird has it as RARE at this location. :)
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    Dickcissel? - Point Mouillee, Michigan, USA

    Is this a Dickcissel?
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    Hawk(s) from Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks Thanks Randy - that was my thoughts too.... :)
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    Passerines from Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada

    Some Warblers, Vireos, Sparrows etc from Point Pelee yesterday.
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    Hawk(s) from Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada

    I think this was 2 different birds......
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    Rufous Owl in Cairns

    Heading up to Cairns next week and notices several reports on eBird for Rufous Owl in Les Davies Park. Can anybody give more details on roosting site as I'd love to see this bird! Maybe PM instead of posting for the whole world to see?
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    Should you tick "heard only" birds?

    I only tick seen birds for lifers but happy to tick heard-only birds subsequently........
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    Oman, India, Thailand plus! Feb - April 2017

    I am considering a few days in Southern Thailand around 30th Jan to 5th Feb. I know a great guide and would be happy to find someone to help share the cost.......
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    Melbourne and Phillip Island

    Yeah - Point Addis is the spot - close to the famous surf spot Bell's Beach..... For sightings you can check out..... http://www.eremaea.com/BirdlineRecentSightings.aspx?Birdline=1 or eBird
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    Identifying a bird by its call

    I'm gonna have a stab in the dark and say Grey Shrike-thrush http://www.xeno-canto.org/species/Colluricincla-harmonica