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Recent content by DavidSwanepoel

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    Comment by 'DavidSwanepoel' in media 'Black Harrier'

    Thank you all!
  2. Black Harrier

    Black Harrier

    This southern African endemic must be right up there when it comes to attractive raptors. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Namibia: Maccoa Duck or Juv South African Shelduck?

    South African Shelduck is a much larger bird, the profile is also different and the males have grey heads with black bills (as opposed to Maccoa's black head and deep plastic blue bill).
  4. King Penguin

    King Penguin

    This is one from the archives, two years ago to the date, in fact. Although King Penguins are birds of the sub-Antarctic, this individual came ashore in South Africa (Cape Town) for its annual moult. Strangely, there were a few Ostriches sharing the same beach on the day - who would have thought...
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    Comment by 'DavidSwanepoel' in media 'Jackdaw 3810.jpg'

    This is one of my favourite corvids. Lovely!
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    Comment by 'DavidSwanepoel' in media 'White-throated Dipper'

    Beautiful! I'd love to see one someday.
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    Petrel - North Sea

    From what I can see, it looks good for European Storm Petrel - Hydrobates pelagicus.
  8. Wilson's Storm Petrel

    Wilson's Storm Petrel

    This is perhaps something different (who does B&W these days?), but I like the effect. By the way, not easy attempting hand-held shots on rough seas! Incidentally, my understanding is that because these birds fly so slowly when they forage, the tap their feet on the water to keep aloft. The...
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    ‌Some birds ID - Kenya - August 2021

    Hi MacNara, it doesn't look right to me for Zitting either, perhaps non-breeding Black-backed? I am afraid that I am not familiar with Kenyan birds, bit quite familiar with South African birds, Zitting and Croaking both occur here.
  10. D

    ‌Some birds ID - Kenya - August 2021

    I don't think Croaking, this is my photo of Croaking for comparison, especially compare the strong bill and legs - this is a bulky bird.
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    Comment by 'DavidSwanepoel' in media 'Cardinal Woodpecker'

    You would love a birding trip to South Africa 🙂
  12. Cardinal Woodpecker

    Cardinal Woodpecker

    I had a completely different post in mind for today, but then one goes birding and obtains a must-share photograph and this is the result. The Cardinal Woodpecker is the most widespread woodpecker in Africa, and the smallest in southern Africa - at a mere 14 - 16 cm, it is around the same size...
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    Newbie question on distance?

    It probably all depends on the habitat that you will be birding in. If I bird in woodland/ savanna here in Africa, or sit in a hide (blind), the birds can be very close. In desert or semi-desert areas or other open landscapes they are often very far. Not sure I can comment on your optics, but...