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Recent content by dnsallen

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    Latest IOC diary updates

    We now have Visayan (smallish) Babbler, Visayan Pygmy Babbler and Visayan Miniature Babbler all on the same island. One for each bear :)
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    But where does that leave Sierra Madre-Samar-Mindanao(?) Crow(s)?
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    Hi Andy, Looking now at the proposed splits page I can see that I am at least partly to blame, since Allen 2020 crops up regularly in the proposal column. So far though rather few Sulu splits (or other Philippine splits) have been listed. Writing/editing the Lynx guide, even at the manic pace...
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    IOC World Bird List v11.1

    I also looked at these skins and benefitted from your previous interpretation, hence my comment that IOC might be treating it as a morph of motleyi. (There appeared to be one specimen of motleyi from Palawan and there is also a claimed record of a migrant erithaca from Calayan in the northern...
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    IOC World Bird List v11.1

    IOC seems to consider it a morph, presumably of what is listed as motleyi
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    Andy, that is all I get too. I suspect that that is all that has been uploaded. That would not be too surprising.
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    Potential Eurasian Oystercatcher Split

    There used to be some regularly wintering at Choshi port in Honshu, Japan, but I am not sure if they still do
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    I see Balicassiao has been lumped with 2 of the other Hair-crested Drongo taxa. Shakya et al wrote ''The Palawan subspecies D. h. palawanensis constitutes Clade 4. Vaurie (1949) distinguished D. hottentottus from D. balicassius based on the appearance and complexity of feather ornaments. Genetic...
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    Global inequity in scientific names and who they honor

    Global inequity in scientific names and who they honor Shane DuBay, Daniela H. Palmer, Natalia Piland doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.08.09.243238 'Linnaean taxonomy is a cornerstone of Western biology in which organisms are given a two-part name (a genus and species), creating biological...
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    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    With such an extensive and far-reaching list of early 21st century views, are you sure you have looked hard enough at these cool people? What were their views on trans-gender people? Did they eat meat? What was their record on animal rights activism?
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    Philippine species limits

    Subspecies in the Sarus Crane Antigone antigone revisited; with particular reference to the Australian population. Timothy D. Nevard 1,2*, Martin Haase3, George Archibald4, Ian Leiper1, Robert N. Van Zalinge1, Nuchjaree Purchkoon5, Boripat Siriaroonrat5, Tin Nwe Latt6, Michael Wink7, Stephen T...
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    I am wanting to compare juvenile shrike plumages across Philippine taxa. This is clearly a significant and much quoted article OLIVIER, G.1947. Note sur Lanius validirostris Grant 1894 des iles Philippines. L 'Oiseau 17: 182 185. It is on google but not available. Does anyone know how I might...
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    Philippine species limits

    Subir B. Shakya, M. Irham, Matthew L. Brady, Tri Haryoko, Yuli S. Fitriana, Oscar Johnson, Mustafa Abdul Rahman, Nickson Joseph Robi, Robert G. Moyle, Dewi M. Prawiradilaga & Frederick H. Sheldon (2020) Observations on the relationships of some Sundaic passerine taxa (Aves: Passeriformes)...
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    Philippine species limits

    Blue-backed Parrot The taxonomy of Tanygnathus sumatranus T. Arndt, N. J. Collar, M. Wink https://bioone.org/journals/bulletin-of-the-british-ornithologists-club/volume-139/issue-4/bboc.v139i4.2019.a8/The-taxonomy-of-Tanygnathus-sumatranus/10.25226/bboc.v139i4.2019.a8.full Abstract Philippine...
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    Lynx joins with Cornell

    Is there a grey box at the bottom of the email with these lines at the very bottom?: Update your information, manage subscriptions, or unsubscribe from this eNewsletter OR Unsubscribe from all Cornell Lab eNewsletters