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Recent content by Gray C

  1. Gray C

    If you are very pleased with NL Pure... ...

    Although tempting, I am sticking with my SLC 8x42. Simple reason, I like them
  2. Gray C

    Novice purchaser

    Hawke are very good binoculars for the money, but are not in the same league as Swarovski
  3. Gray C

    Zeiss Terra ED or Vortex Vipers?

    I would also add that i think the Hawke Frontier ED X is probably a better option in this price range too
  4. Gray C

    Help picking new Swarovski binoculars

    Also known ask "extracting the urine " or "taking the Micky"
  5. Gray C

    Some discount on Hawkes.

    I have the Frontier ED X in 8x32 and they are excellent for the money
  6. Gray C

    EL 10x42 casing deterioration.

    I was told that using hand sanitizer causes damage to the armour
  7. Gray C

    BITFEOV for my new SLC 8x42

    I am a SLC fan. I've tried both the NL and EL and could not see much difference to be honest. Increased FOV is not that important for me, neither is having a sharp image across the whole field of view. I can not justify paying a lot more money for very little, if any, improvement in view.
  8. Gray C

    Opticron Imagic Image stabilised binocular 12x30

    This is the first I have heard of these? How do they compare with the Canon IS binoculars?
  9. Gray C

    What Canon binoculars does Chris Packham use?

    He has a sponsorship from Mountain Equipment for his coats/jackets
  10. Gray C

    What Canon binoculars does Chris Packham use?

    I think you maybe right. They do look like Kowa
  11. Gray C

    Bino advice

    I have the Hawke Frontier ED X and they are excellent binoculars for the money
  12. Gray C

    What Canon binoculars does Chris Packham use?

    This primarily for UK based members. I was watching Winter Watch onTV last night and noticed Chris was using Canon binoculars, but they didn't look like IS binoculars. Can anyone enlighten me
  13. Gray C

    SLC 8x42 vs EL SV 8.5x42

    I disagree. I think the SLC is on par with the EL optically. The only real difference being the non flat field on the SLC, which is not that much of an issue for many. Construction wise, the SLC is built like a tank. It may not be the prettiest binocular out there but it's certainly one of...
  14. Gray C

    In your opinion, the best looking binoculars are....

    I know many say they are ugly but I like the shape and feel of the Swarovski SLC 8x42