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Recent content by HelenB

  1. HelenB

    Which hummingbird? Central Texas

    Thanks, Nartreb!
  2. HelenB

    Which hummingbird? Central Texas

    We are getting a lot of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds coming through on their southbound migration, but I don't think this one is a Ruby-throat. I am thinking it might be a female Black-chinned, because of the long wings with the rounded end shape. I am located in south Central Texas, USA. TIA HelenB
  3. HelenB

    Comment by 'HelenB' in media 'Red-cockaded Woodpecker'

    When I lived in the Houston area about 20 years ago, I made a trip to the Jones State Forest and did get to see one of these endangered woodpeckers at a nest hole, on a Long Leaf Pine. Congrats on a great photo, Joe!
  4. Blue Larkspur

    Blue Larkspur

    When we bought this house, we also got about 10 acres of land with it! These lovely Blue Larkspurs have spread from the surrounding pastures and now grow wild in our garden!
  5. Black-eyed Susans

    Black-eyed Susans

    Two years ago, these colourful, wild Black-eyed Susans took over this flower bed, beside our patio. We did not plant any seeds, so they must have blown in from the fields around our home!
  6. HelenB

    Comment by 'HelenB' in media 'Red-tailed Comet, nw Argentina.jpg'

    What a beautiful hummingbird, Stanley! Thanks for sharing.
  7. HelenB

    Comment by 'HelenB' in media 'collared dove'

    Excellent picture for this Valentine’s Day!
  8. Hermit Thrush with a damaged bill

    Hermit Thrush with a damaged bill

    Here's the close-up shot showing more details of the deformed bill. Not sure if it's been damaged or whether it was born like this. It seems to be surviving, so hope the extreme cold that is heading our way, doesn't kill off the birds. There will be snow Sunday night and freezing temperatures.
  9. Hermit Thrush with damaged bill

    Hermit Thrush with damaged bill

    This is the Hermit Thrush with the damaged bill. It must be able to get enough to eat, as I've been seeing it for a few weeks. I'll post a close-up next
  10. Hermit Thrush

    Hermit Thrush

    We've been seeing this Hermit Thrush a lot this winter. We've also had one with a deformed bill, which seems to be feeding OK. I'll upload 2 photos of it next.
  11. HelenB

    Comment by 'HelenB' in media 'Bobcat mom being protective of her cubs'

    Excellent capture of this bobcat, Zack. We have them on our property in south-central Texas, but I've only once seen a female with 2 large kittens!
  12. Peacock Butterfly

    Peacock Butterfly

    In 2013 we had a trip back to the UK to visit family and friends. While we were staying in Yorkshire, our friends recommended visiting the Nosterfield Local Nature Reserve, a small reserve a few miles away. Plenty of birds as well as butterflies.
  13. Eastern Bluebirds

    Eastern Bluebirds

    We had 10 Eastern Bluebirds visit our birdbath a few days ago. I think this is the largest group we've seen in the last few years.
  14. HelenB

    Comment by 'HelenB' in media 'Colourful arc'

    I love rainbows, D! You got a wonderful shot of this one!
  15. HelenB

    Comment by 'HelenB' in media 'Savannah Sparrow.jpg'

    Lovely composition, Stanley. We definitely need to go and explore this area!