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Recent content by jnielsen

  1. J

    zeiss sf 8x42 vs zeiss ht 8x42

    How are the ergonomics of the HT "Three steps back" from the FL?? The HT has the improved focus wheel position that puts it right under your index finger when the binocular is held. One of the big selling points by Zeiss on the HT was improved ergonomics over the FL Your opinion please.
  2. J

    Zeiss ht discontinued ?

    Many examples of rubber armor coming loose. Cap on focus wheel and hinge falling off. Nothing wrong with the mechanics or focus. Compared to the top Swarovski or Leica at the time they seemed cheaply built on the exterior.
  3. J

    Zeiss ht discontinued ?

    Build quality of the of the FL series was sub par IMO. HT is very much more solid overall and worth the slight penalty of a little extra weight. Love the focus wheel position.
  4. J

    zeiss sf 8x42 vs zeiss ht 8x42

    I much prefer my HT over the FL I had. Better optics, build quality and handling. I have not been impressed with the SF at all and I am not the only one. If I wanted sharp edges it would be Swarovski every time but I do not so that leaves the SLC and HT as the best choices along with possibly...
  5. J

    Comparative review, GPO, Maven, Stryka, Tract

    Steve, have you looked at the Sig Sauer Zulu 7 or Zulu 9 binoculars? They appear to be the same as the Maven B1 and B2 with different armor. The Zulu 7 is steadily gaining popularity in the hunting crowd. Better pricing than from Maven on the same glass? I have a 10x42 Zulu 7 in route and...
  6. J

    A thread to discuss Alphas where all opinions are considered equal.

    ?? Not from what I have seen and I have owned SV,FL and currently own the HT and a current model SLC.
  7. J

    Rolling ball effect - 8x , 8.5x and 10x

    The optics and ergonomics as well as the build quality of the HT is an clear improvement over the FL. Optically most notably in low light conditions. The HT as well as the SV have much better contrast and sharpness in low light IMO. The FL is bright but seems washed out and lacks as good of...
  8. J

    Prime HDs in Utah

    You need to look at the new Theron Questa. Basically the same glass with smaller eye cups.
  9. J

    EL 8.5X42 dilemma

    Why not just purchase a new current SLC 8x42? Other than differences in handling it would be optically superior to a pre swarovision EL?
  10. J

    Zeiss Victory HT 8X42 Binoculars

    In the last 5 years I have owned the 8X42 Zeiss FL, Swarovski 8.5X42 SV and now the 8X42 HT. The overall static view of the SV was hard to beat but the rolling ball while panning got to me thus it went down the road. The HT I have now is brighter, shows less CA and has a better focus mechanism...
  11. J

    Similar Designs: Victory HT vs Swarovski SLC in 10x42's!

    I have both a 8x42 HT and current SLC in 10x42. The HT handles CA and stray light/flare better. I also prefer its handling over the SLC. The HT will be brighter. The SLC is more compact and has a larger sweet spot. Both to my eyes have excellent contrast and neutral color transmission...
  12. J

    Best 10x42 for $500 for me?

    In your opinion what is the best 10x42 for $500? Here are my wants. No aspherical or field flattening lenses, I do not like the globe effect. FOV-normal or wide angle, nothing less than 315 feet @1000 yds. I am not too particular whether it is a single hinge or open bridge design. Do not get...
  13. J

    Review of the Brunton ICON 25-50x 80mm Angled Scope

    Two months later with my straight Icon with 25x50 I am still not seeing excessive lateral color or sharpness problems. Perhaps I have a very good eyepiece. My Zeiss Diascope 85 T FL with 20x75 zoom shows much more CA at powers below 40x than the Brunton.
  14. J

    Which one do you like better, the SLC or the SV.

    Had a SV, sold it and bought a SLC HD (and a Victory HT), I much prefer these two to the SV.
  15. J

    Review of the Brunton ICON 25-50x 80mm Angled Scope

    I just received a 25x50x80 Icon spotter in the straight version. I have started to compare it to my Zeiss 85 T FL 20x70x85. This scope I have compared to other premium scopes. I have not done a low light test. In all other aspects the Brunton is holding its own. Very little of any CA, sharp...