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Recent content by Marcobf

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    Z6/7 vs D500 vs D850

    The Nikon Z6/7 will be getting a significant AF upgrade in May. https://www.dpreview.com/news/2961478322/nikon-announces-development-of-new-firmware-for-z6-and-z7
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    Err #secrethoyausers
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    Hoya UV filter - Digital, Pro Digital or HD Digital? ...or even Gold HD Digital £70 :o Which one have you chosen? Thanks Marco
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    New Panasonic TZ100

    1 inch sensor and f2.8 at 25mm. 4k @30fps to extract stills Could be a nice digscoping cam?
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    Nikon D5 and D500

    It also does 10fps, should be of interest to some. And a nice, big buffer Touch-sensitive tiltable screen too. (What? Boo, hiss?) More than a match for the 7Dii, availble March, rrp $1999
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    Digital Zoom

    Not quite the whole picture, depends on what camera you're talking about. The Canon SX50 has a digital TC (1.5x or 2.0x) that's much better than the digital zoom that's also available on this model. People don't know what special sauce Canon are using, but it works and is worth checking out
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    Canon SX50 Specs

    That's one hell of a backyard. It'd be called The Woods where I come from ;)
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    The Nikon shots don't seem to be in focus (try different modes?) It also appears that the Canon has more DOF although that doesn't make sense. Colours are cooler with the Canon too If that really is the best you can get from the Nikon then can't argue with your conclusion. I wonder if it's a...
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    Tha squirrel is fabulous
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    The 2000mmm zoom stop would be very easy to implement, after all it already stops between blue and yellow digital zoom
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    Animal Photography with the Canon SX60HS

    Kevin, I was doing no such thing. I have no axe to grind about any camera. I was responding directly to a comment about user error on the SW60 since I am someone who has had great difficulty with it and have had several discussions with Birdboy and others on the subject. You have completely...
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    Animal Photography with the Canon SX60HS

    Birdboy, you may have a point about user error with the SX60, I found it too hard to grapple with and never produced anything much worth keeping. Whether it was me or the camera I'll never know because I've called an end to the experiment. I bought the Nikon P900 and am glad to say user error...
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    Crazyfingers, pretty sure it uses the whole sensor and resizes like any other software would, but how to tell for sure?
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    I'm not sure what your expectations are. This one is SOOC, very slightly cropped for composition, hand-held at full optical zoom (2000mm equiv) through not the cleanest double-glazing. This is one of my early shots, still very much trying to work out best settings eg shutter speed was a little...
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    83x anyone? The new Nikon P900

    I imagine because IQ isn't the only factor people consider. The zoom is nearly 40% longer and you're going to get shots that wouldn't be possible with the P600. I can't imagine a P600 shot cropped to equal the optical zoom of the P900 is going to be anywhere near as good. There are several other...