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Recent content by mbb

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    The mistake of buying an Ultravid HD+ 7x42

    I don’t have an UV 7x42 but do have the UV HD 8x32 and the FL 7x42 (obtained very recently). I won’t comment too much on colour accuracy, as I am a bit colour blind (...). What I can say, is that the UV has a bit ‘darker, more contrasty’ view (even when the light is good and thus exit pupil...
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    how to properly store Carl Zeiss Jenoptem binoculars?

    Great info! Thank you!
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    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Not today, but last time using my binoculars, this weekend, the most fun observation was a great spotted woodpecker frenetically trying to destroy a cutted lumb of wood into hundreds of wood chips ‘flying around’, going on for quite some time. He came back later to continue the job. 😁 I might...
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    Your favorite neck strap?

    Thank you for this info! I have very recently bought a second hand Zeiss FL 7x42, but the Zeiss strap is actually worse than the Leica strap of my UV 8x32 HD: the Zeiss strap is not as wide and it is ‘straight’ (pulling on the neck rather than more on the shoulders), as opposed to the Leica...
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    The mistake of buying an Ultravid HD+ 7x42

    I have just bought a second hand Zeiss FL 7x42. (I couldn’t get to the price of a new 7x42 HD+ and found an FL 2nd hand which also gets comparatively great reviews here.) Reading your post, I really hope it won’t ruin the experience of using my UV 8x32 HD (non+) or Victory 8x25 which I really...
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    Visual riddle: name those eyecups!

    That Meostar is huge 😐 It makes the EL 8x32 look compact... Can you comfortably handhold that binocular for relatively long observations? If so, it must be quite impressive at very late, dark hours.
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    Visual riddle: name those eyecups!

    That seems like a good guess to me, certainly considering Yarrellii liking the 7-8x30-32 formats. (But, following thad lead of preferred formats together with the colour of the binocular armours, a 7x42 Meostar would also be a possibility :))
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    ATX - stiff zoom?

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but could it have been the objective module having an issue and causing resistance against the ocular module, thus with the two ocular modules being fine? (If you tried the two oculars with one single objective module, the latter is the common denominator.) I...
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    Binocular bargains

    There is a “Zeiss Dialyt 7x42 T * P *" for sale on Ebay in Germany for €780 ('buy it now' price), with mention that one may make an offer. This might interest someone here. I don't know the seller, thus of course I don't know if (s)he can be trusted. (It seems (s)he ships to the EU and that...
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    dust or something else inside Nikon Mikron 6x15? easy to repair/clean internally?

    Hi Richard, I was wondering if you had got any response or ruling from the authorities regarding such additional costs (or cancellation of them) for repair and returns between UK and EU? It might be of interest for some forum members. I guess that it might require a ruling from both UK and EU...
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    A big thanks

    This post was a pleasure to read, and I am sure the pleasure is of course much bigger for your friend and yourself. You have made a beautiful gesture and thank you for sharing that. This reminds what, in the end, it is all about: being marvelled by the beauty of nature around us, rare or not...
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    Advice first (and 'only') bino: Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 vs Opticron Traveller 8x32

    Sounds fun! Keep us posted. :) Regarding the case: it is probably best indeed to first see what you need or miss as a bag/case when using the binoculars, have a look at that other thread, and share what interesting solution you might find. Enjoy the binoculars! They are great.
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    Advice first (and 'only') bino: Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 vs Opticron Traveller 8x32

    Exactly what I am also using myself. My only complaint is that the bridge of the rainguard, between the two ocular ends, is a bit too stiff to easily fold completely: with the binoculars fully closed it gives some resistance. I should try tweaking it a bit, with some cut or so.
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    Advice first (and 'only') bino: Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 vs Opticron Traveller 8x32

    If looking for accessories (a more practical bag/case, objective and/or ocular caps etc.), have a look at the following thread: https://www.birdforum.net/threads/review-of-8x25-victory-pocket.359737/page-28 I have tried to make a summary of the options at, I think, post 301. (Not yet updated...
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    SLC 7x42 arriving today

    I would not think of or recommend using a regular harness for a 8x25, but as the RYO looks like basically just a double, somewhat elastiek cord, thus very lightweight and compact to stow away, I might image considering it e.g. for a lightweight 8x25 when used on a long and hard walk/climb or for...