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Recent content by mickbe74

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    RSPB Middleton Lakes

    I've never had much luck with the LSW at Middleton but I was told by the RSPB guy in the car park it's often seen in the large Oak in the small field by the farmhouse on the way to the woodland walk,the bushes/trees separating reserve and canal good for Whitethroats,Blackcaps etc,good luck...
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    Cole Valley

    Apparently a pair bred this year and were joined by another pair later in the year, I havn't seen them myself but a couple of my mates have,including a pair on garden feeders adjoining the woods.
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    Cole Valley

    River Cole at Kingshurst Lake/Babbs Mill area has a pair of R N Parakeets at the moment,also seen in Yorkswood
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    Yorkshire Birding

    Hi All,has anybody got any details on the Broom Head T B Crossbills,sat nav directions/post code would be great,the grid reference app on my phone isn,t working very well,any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mick
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    Golden Orioles

    Cheers phil,hope they do continue to breed at lakenheath,even though i never see one,it's still nice to hear them Mick
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    Elan Valley

    Thanks for the replies
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    Elan Valley

    Hi,my mate took this today in the Elan Valley and would appreciate an id,looks pied flyish on my phone but not quite right,juv maybe? Cheers Mick
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    Golden Orioles

    Hi All,i was at Lakenheath over the weekend and was told by the staff they're not sure if there is a pair of Golden Orioles there,one confirmed male and possibly a sub adult,i believe they didn't breed last year,if there's is only one male there what are the chances of them breeding there...
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    Birds of Warwickshire

    Good to see the Goosander still has 10 young on the river,also 2 lapwing chicks on the reserve today
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    Tawny Owl in Northern Ireland

    Funny,the possability of a Tawny Owl crossing the Irish Sea was only asked this week on Twitter
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    Nikon RA-III, looking opinions.

    Anyone interested in the Nikon RAIII take a look at the Uttings optics store they have the 82mm with a fixed 25mm lens for 160 pound or the same with the zoom lens for 300,i've been looking around because i'm upgrading my 65mm body and havn't found prices anywhere near this,even second hand ones...
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    10x42 v 12x42 mk3

    Thanks for all the replies,i'll look into it and try and get to an optics shop and try out your suggestions Mick
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    10x42 v 12x42 mk3

    Hi David,i just use the bins for general birding,i have been using a pair of RSPB 10x42's at the moment and have no bother with them,my budget is about 250-300 pounds Cheers Mick
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    10x42 v 12x42 mk3

    Hi all,has anybody got any experience,or thoughts on monarch mark 3's 12x42 versus the 10x42's for general birding,many thanks for any input Mick
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    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Green Winged Teal 25th feb gave me my 7th year tick of the year,also had Jack Snipe, Red Necked Grebe and Sibe Chiffy locally,Buff Bellied Pipit,Pallas's Warbler and Pied Billed Grebe further afield.