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Recent content by pat mitchel

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    Advice on minor fixes?

    couple thoughts on using any bonding agents- try before you commit to a course of action. There are cyanoacrylates that are made specifically for bonding of rubber. here's an example of a website specifically related to bonding questions- https://www.thistothat.com/ I'd likely go with a...
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    forge line- only 15x56 AK prisms? advert states all are?

    The question came up as to whether the entire line or the 15x56 forge had AK prisms as the descriptions states on the bushnell website states for the individual models. Are the rest schmidt-pechan? Thanks in advance, Pat
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    relationship of meade and celestron (if any)?

    I was made aware that orion recently acquired meade instruments (from bankruptcy?). I thought both meade and celestron were wings of the same company (synta). Is that incorrect? Were meade and celestron simply 2 companies that recently had new binos that were identical in specs (if not in...
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    Binoculars with long eye cups?

    Pinac has a list of binoculars ( The PINACOLLECTION – Binoculars Today ) that has measured data on eye relief of particular models and where it is measured from on the eye piece. Might prove useful in narrowing your choice. If you don't wear glasses, the larger amounts of eye relief would...
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    Question about Leupold binoculars

    Considering that the only place a screw can come from on the innards of the typical porro is the prism clip or clamp (depending on whether the frame is a zeiss frame or a bausch and lomb style frame), you could be whistling past the grave yard. A typical porro has either a clamp with a screw at...
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    country of origin info?

    Hello; With the exception of opticron, are there any other retail sites or manufacturers sites that name the country of origin of the binoculars? I'm not out to try to buy only from one country or another , I simply would like to know where they come from. Thanks, Pat
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    Urgent cleaning help needed...help!

    I thought activated charcoal was the gold standard for odor removal. Regards, Pat
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    how to assess optical quality of binoculars

    The gent that posted the original question was looking for a 10x50 that primarily would be used for astronomical purposes with perhaps 20% use in birding activities and under $200 US.. I was thinking attending a star party (if that is currently possible). There seems to be a consensus that the...
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    how to assess optical quality of binoculars

    OK, A new poster on the cloudy nights binoculars forum posted a question as to how people assess the optical quality of a binoculars and that got me to thinking - what are the common methods that people have made a habit of employing as to assess the various attributes or failure of the...
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    No-Name 8 x 30 porro prisms

    For starters try looking through this list of Japanese makers that were registered in Japan and issued "jb and je " identification- the jb numbers was the builder and the je number was the maker of the chassis (if I recall correctly). http://home.europa.com/~telscope/jbcode.txt So the binocs...
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    Sharpness Issue

    you might try flipping the binoculars upside down and checking with the good eye , or simple using the good eye on the suspect side, then focus the "monocular" Regards, Pat
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    Allbinos Vortex 10x42 UHD Review

    As I recall in the birdguides review, they called it "quoted by Vortex transmission figure" Still trying to find the source of that figure as I did not see it on the Vortex site. But I did not look closely. Regards,Pat
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    Old canon porros question

    b-lilja; That's correct. After opening to clean approx 200+ binocs, it's a pleasant surprise to see the attnetion to detail hat a couple of the makers used in their optics. If you have to open them up, best to leave them as is and not disturb the settings. Regards, Pat
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    Old canon porros question

    Do Canon porros (non IS) from the 70's come with the lens elements blacked? I had to clean some recently acquired at auction and was surprised to find the objectives as well as the eyepiece elements all blacked. Outside of some early Nikon 8x30 8.5 degrees binocs, that the only 2 of the Japanese...
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    field flatteners- pros and cons?

    Is there anything that can be assumed when a product description of a roof prism binoculars states that it has a field flattener lens in the optics? Or is the nature of how and where the lens employed determine it's characteristics. The meade masterclass and celestron regal (recent releases)...