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Recent content by pat mitchel

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    Old canon porros question

    b-lilja; That's correct. After opening to clean approx 200+ binocs, it's a pleasant surprise to see the attnetion to detail hat a couple of the makers used in their optics. If you have to open them up, best to leave them as is and not disturb the settings. Regards, Pat
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    Old canon porros question

    Do Canon porros (non IS) from the 70's come with the lens elements blacked? I had to clean some recently acquired at auction and was surprised to find the objectives as well as the eyepiece elements all blacked. Outside of some early Nikon 8x30 8.5 degrees binocs, that the only 2 of the Japanese...
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    field flatteners- pros and cons?

    Is there anything that can be assumed when a product description of a roof prism binoculars states that it has a field flattener lens in the optics? Or is the nature of how and where the lens employed determine it's characteristics. The meade masterclass and celestron regal (recent releases)...
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    Brand of small japan 8x30

    I retract my previous statement- not subai, it is subal brand . Pat
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    Brand of small japan 8x30

    I think I've run across this before - I believe the brand is subai. Sorry , I have nothing more to add other than I've seen the brand before on an auction site. Pat
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    What's the difference between these three binoculars?

    Pete gamby (sales and marketing for opticron) posts to the opticron discussion group.... Perhaps If you go to the group and ask, he will chime in! Regards, Pat
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    Dodgy vision or Binocular fault?

    How bout you confer with another person looking through the same binos and ask what they perceive. Better yet find another bino user and ask if you can try their bino to see if the fault lies within... Regards, Pat
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    Pentax Papilo images don't merge.

    davekelly; Could you elaborate on what you see and when you see it. What is your IPD? Do you see the hard field stop in the middle of every image when you are focused at infinity, then focused closer to you and still had the hard field stop interfering with the image? Are you looking...
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    opticron adventurer T WP binoculars - thoughts?

    Thank you Guilhem, after the initial report of the binoculars being sort of meh, I ordered a pair of nikon action extreme 8x42 - refurbished from Nikon USA. When received them, I was surprised to find a pristine pair of bins. Could not find a single fault with them (outside of the small drill...
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    Pentax Papilo images don't merge.

    I don't know how you could completely merge the two circles in binoculars except at infinity. Except perhaps with this https://offersgeeks.com/product/kalimar-k7012-binocularmonocular-electric-zoom-w-case-lens-caps-japan-nice/ Which I'll wager is dim with the splitting of the image but...
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    Pentax Papilo images don't merge.

    A monocular with a binoviewer (is there such a beast?) will give you what you want... Regards, Pat
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    Pentax Papilo images don't merge.

    davekelly; I merge the images in my papilios fine at close distance, the circles never merge, the images do. If you look at a flower up close, centered in the right eyepiece, close that eye while holding the binocs steady, the flower will likely be at the far right side of the image in the...
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    opticron adventurer T WP binoculars - thoughts?

    A general question as to whether the opticron adventurer T WP porros (which have specs virtually identical to the new line of celestron ultima porros) that have full multicoating and BaK4 prisms are worth the money, I do realize they are made as an entry level binoc, but as a porro lover, was...
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    Vintage binoculars - United 15x65

    There is a website primarily dedicated to miniature binoculars but they have a wealth of classic binocular information as well. One of the treasures is the old binoculars brochures. "united binoculars" is listed and I perused the brochures from the mid 50-60"s and found the 1963-65-66...
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    Advice need please re. eye strain with Monarch 7 8x30

    SueG; Are you in an area that birders frequent? You might ask someone who has handled different binoculars their opinion as to the apparent problem with the binoculars or the operator. Regards, Pat