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Recent content by pdwinter

  1. pdwinter

    Pulling my hair out! Canon 90D

    Safety Shift info is on page 558 of the advanced user guide
  2. pdwinter

    Lizard, Malaga province, 15.10.21

    Thank you vipersgarden
  3. pdwinter

    Dragonflies from Crete

    They are all Red-veined Darters. 2 males and the all yellow one is a female.
  4. pdwinter

    Lizard, Malaga province, 15.10.21

    I'd be grateful for an ID on this lizard seen in Málaga province on 15th. Thanks
  5. pdwinter

    Insect from Crete

    One record in the UK that I know of - 5/11/2018 at the Holiday Inn next to the M271 on the western edge of Southampton. If you are signed up to iRecord you can see it here - Record of Vespa orientalis .
  6. pdwinter

    Insect from Crete

    Here's the distribution map in a 2004 scientific paper
  7. pdwinter


    Possibly Deraecoris lutescens (Miridae) Deraeocoris lutescens
  8. pdwinter

    Dragonfly IDs - Denmark

    If a feature(such as wing colour) isn't mentioned in Dijkstra it's probably because it plays no part in the ID. Dragonfly wings often go browner and more opaque as the insects age.
  9. pdwinter

    Dragonfly IDs - Denmark

    2nd one (pics 4-6) is a male Common Darter 1st one (pics 1-3) is a female darter (Sympetrum) - can't see the vulval scale or the frons clearly 3rd one (pics 7-8) is a female darter - can't see the vulval scale but the black appears to go down the side of the frons so probably S.vulgatum...
  10. pdwinter

    UK Dragonflies & Damselflies 2021

    A fairly late Golden-ringed Dragonfly along the Applemore Stream in the New Forest, 26.09.21 and a Black Darter from Dibden Bottom - the latter not so easy to find in the New Forest as when I started looking.
  11. pdwinter

    UK Dragonflies & Damselflies 2021

    A late but badly photographed Southern Damselfly just east of Burbush Car Park in the New Forest, 22.09.21
  12. pdwinter

    Which Shieldbug

    Looks right to me - apart from the spelling :)
  13. pdwinter

    The Hoverfly Thread

    Volucella zonaria female.
  14. pdwinter

    The Hoverfly Thread

    Agree with Ken - the facebook group Facebook Groups is well worth joining. It's where I learnt to look at thickened hind tibia (I note that in my rush to annotate your pic I've mistakenly typed femur - will correct later!) first when I see an Eristalis after Roger Morris had corrected a few of...
  15. pdwinter

    Shieldbug ID? (Cambs, UK)

    I've just received my copy of Brock and looked at Common Green Shieldbug - not quite sure what he means by early season! Attached one from 5th September