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Recent content by ryan11111

  1. ryan11111

    Great White Egret? Essex, UK (06/01/2021)

    Hi all, I saw this egret flying over this morning. Unfortunately it was pretty far and I had no binoculars with me so these blurry photos were all i could get. I've never seen a GW egret in this location but the size and shape/length of the wings and bill made me think it was a GW? Cheers, Ryan
  2. ryan11111

    Ptarmigan ID - Abisko, Sweden (May 2019)

    Hi all, Would anybody be able to let me know if this is a rock or willow ptarmigan? Thanks, Ryan
  3. ryan11111

    Gadwall? Essex, UK (05/12/2020)

    Hi all, I believe this is probably just a male gadwall but I thought it looked a little strange because of the reddish colour on it's head. Please could you let me know if I am correct and if these sorts of colours are common in gadwall? Thanks in advance, Ryan
  4. ryan11111

    Accipiter ID (Ashford, Kent, UK) 09/09/2020

    Thanks for the replies! I am very used to seeing sparrowhawks, however it was the size of this bird that really struck me (at first glance I thought it had to be a buzzard until I got my binoculars out). But again, being so far away from it, it can be difficult to judge the size. I don't know...
  5. ryan11111

    Accipiter ID (Ashford, Kent, UK) 09/09/2020

    Hi all, I saw this Accipiter sp. (see attached photos and video) today and assume it is a sparrowhawk. However, it looked pretty huge for a sparrowhawk (though hard to judge size from so far away as it was flying really high). Thanks in advance, Ryan
  6. ryan11111

    Bumblebee ID help (Abisko, Swedish Arctic, May-June 2019)

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody could help me identify some of these bumblebees? I know the following species occur here and look similar to some of those photographed here but am unsure how to differentiate between them all... Bombus soroeensis and cuckoo bees: Bombus bohemicus Bombus...
  7. ryan11111

    Warbler ID - Abisko, Sweden (16/06/2019)

    Hi all, I saw this warbler today but am unsure on what species it is. Thanks, Ryan
  8. ryan11111

    Golden Eagle? Abisko, Sweden (06/06/2019)

    Thanks! What features tell you that it's a white-tailed eagle as opposed to a golden eagle? I never see eagles in the UK so need to learn how to tell them apart :)
  9. ryan11111

    Golden Eagle? Abisko, Sweden (06/06/2019)

    Hi all, I saw this eagle today on Mount Nuolja and I believe it is a golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)? Thanks, Ryan
  10. ryan11111

    Waterfowl ID's - Abisko, Sweden (05/06/2019)

    Thank you for your help! Very nice to see so many :)
  11. ryan11111

    Waterfowl ID's - Abisko, Sweden (05/06/2019)

    Hi all, Could anybody offer any help identifying these? Thanks, Ryan
  12. ryan11111

    Goose ID - Mount Njullá, Abisko, Swedish Arctic (30/05/2019)

    Hi all, I saw this pair of geese fly past whilst up Mount Nuolja today. I wonder if anybody would be able to identify them from these blurry photos? Thanks in advance, Ryan
  13. ryan11111

    Raptor ID's - Mount Njullá, Abisko, Swedish Arctic (28/05/2019)

    Hi all, I saw these two raptors today whilst walking up Mount Njullá. I am from the UK so I am not quite sure about what birds to expect to see here. Photos 1-3: This raptor looked like it may be a harrier, maybe a hen harrier? Photos 4-5: Large falcon - peregrine or gyrfalcon? note - It is...
  14. ryan11111

    Waterfowl - Lake Torneträsk, Abisko, Sweden (19/05/2019)

    Speaking to a local bird ringer I was told that Lesser Scaup and Little Gull are more common here in Abisko (in the Swedish Arctic on the border of Norway) than GS and BHH? I don't know if this changes anything with the ID's?
  15. ryan11111

    Warbler ID - Abisko, Swedish Arctic (23/05/2019)

    Would anybody be able to help ID this warbler please? Thanks, Ryan