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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

Recent content by Swampy Sam

  1. Swampy Sam

    Big guide???

    I live in Florida and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good insect guide? If there is one. I've looked on line and all I can find is children's books. Thanks all
  2. Swampy Sam

    My 115MM Spotter Setup KIT

    All I can say is." I want what you got".
  3. Swampy Sam

    Low or high power hand held?

    Thanks everyone. I was out this weekend with my 6x30 kowa. For birds in flight they are great, birds in trees at a distance not so. I have my 10x 42 SLC s on my tripod . I almost feel not having my swarro s mounted on a tripod as a waste. I bought a pair of Vortex DB 15x56 binos. These are good...
  4. Swampy Sam

    Low or high power hand held?

    Just wanted to get some input from everyone. Hand holding binos? Would you prefer lower power with less shake or higher power more shake. As you are sacrificing magnification of detail. Just wanted too know if anyone else can not let the magnification thing go?
  5. Swampy Sam

    Why is Alpha better than high grade.

    Maybe it's about what kind of bling you have around your neck! Hahaha. I pick out all the problems out on my vortex db's after I look through my swarro SLC's.
  6. Swampy Sam

    Hawk ID Tallahassee, FLA USA Thanks

    Cool thanks. I did notice the banding was thicker in Op's pics.
  7. Swampy Sam

    A few neotropic bird paintings

    Absolutely amazing! You have a fan here... Show more!!!!
  8. Swampy Sam

    Hawk ID Tallahassee, FLA USA Thanks

    Not sure .. I got a pic of what looks to be the same breed of hawk. In central Florida. Short tailed dark morph. Not a common sight .
  9. Swampy Sam

    Human cancelling headphones.

    I would pay good money for a pair. Amplify bird sounds and cancel the human voice. Is anyone working on such a device? It would be great. I could use them at work too.
  10. Swampy Sam

    UK Biodiversity is now down to 53%..one of the lowest in the World.

    From my perspective on this. I'm a construction worker in Florida and the mass migration of people from other states moving here is insane. I have lived in a pretty small town and now we are destroying several wooded areas around for housing developments . I have been in this work for almost 30...
  11. Swampy Sam

    Emotionally attached?

    Thank you Steve. You nailed it. It makes me rich by doing it. All that being said I am a wealthy man.thank you.
  12. Swampy Sam

    Emotionally attached?

    I have recently gotten out of photography and more into drawing birds in the field. I love the process of doing it maybe more than the final picture. The more I do it the better they are starting to look. Maybe not jaw dropping, but enough to put in frames .My wife even told me to put them in...
  13. Swampy Sam

    Considering giving up on digiscoping

    Wow! I have completely given up on photography and am now sketching through my optics. I have a few lenses and now keep them in a box and never get used. I usually use my 10x 42 Swarovski SLC binos on my tripod. I absolutely love this. I say do whatever makes you happy, and keeps you involved.
  14. Swampy Sam


    Hello Randy. Sounds like from your gear your well on your way to becoming a serious bird nerd like the rest of us. Watch out for warbler neck. Be careful when driving. No birding and driving. Wife's rules.
  15. Swampy Sam


    Good to see I'm not the only one who enjoys field sketching George. Keep up the great work.