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Recent content by Tib78

  1. Tib78

    Female Montagu's or Pallid Harrier Marismas del Odiel, Huelva 16/05/2022?

    Definitely a 2cy female Montagu’s. Head pattern + thin, regularly distributed bars across the primaries.
  2. Tib78

    Which Shrike? Iran, Khorasan-e Razavi, May 2022

    I am not sure I would be happy to call this bird a Turkestan. I would agree that sexing it isn’t straightforward for one, but to me the sandy hue to the back and underparts saturation are much better for a Daurian. A female Turkestan would typically have more defined/well marked dark crescent...
  3. Tib78

    Montagu's or pallid harrier in Italy

    By the way the bird is a 2cy. I mention it because my previous bird is a bit confusing in this matter, and people may assume that I identified the bird as an adult. So it’s a 2cy female but the axillaries have been moulted to adult type (as the underparts).
  4. Tib78

    Montagu's or pallid harrier in Italy

    The axillaries of adult female Pallid may be either plain brown or brown with pale spots. The spots are usually rounded but there is a bit of variation and some female Pallid have rather chevron-like markings. Note the pale spots are very extensive in your bird. It’s already quite unusual to...
  5. Tib78

    Montagu's or pallid harrier in Italy

    A quick look at the axillaries should solve this one easily 😁.
  6. Tib78

    African Reed/Icterine Warbler - Namibia

    African Reed warbler looks about right. It’s a smaller Acrocephalus with very short wings thus the choice is between African Reed and Lesser swamp. Lesser swamp would have stronger legs and probably a stronger supercilium (if birds from northern Namibia are similar to South African birds …)...
  7. Tib78

    Which Buteo? Cuenca-Central Spain-August 2021

    Hi all, In my view this bird actually looks more like a typical cirtensis than a Gibraltar buzzard at a glance, even though the tail has a subterminal bar. This doesn’t mean that the bird isn’t of hybrid origin of course, but if there is buteo influence in this bird it is probably minimal. In...
  8. Tib78

    Mauritius Weaver

    I am afraid you put to much faith in my abilities, Rafael ;) . More seriously though I think it is a female as the eye doesn’t look so red, beside, why would a certain individual be in full breeding plumage while another on is in non-breeding plumage? As to ruling out a younger male, I won’t...
  9. Tib78

    Mauritius Weaver

    Surely Red/Madagascar fody rather than village weaver.
  10. Tib78

    Falcon - Poland

    It’s not a Falcon but an Accipiter.
  11. Tib78

    Image/Audio request - African/grey Penduline tit from East Africa

    Hi all, An unusual thread/request for this is an ID forum but it’s for a good cause. I and several others are currently working on a paper on African/Grey Penduline tit (Anthoscopus caroli) in East Africa. We are still gathering materials in the form of photos and audio recordings. We are...
  12. Tib78

    Gulls - possible juvenile Herring Gull

    I agree with TT (Andrew, right?) on 1st winter LBBG. This was my reply when a friend of mine asked for my opinion on this bird. A GBBG it surely isn’t on structure alone. To me the dark/uncontrasty pattern of the 2nd generation scapulars is already a clear pointer towards LBBG. Also the...
  13. Tib78

    Shrike, Oman

    It does look like a Brown shrike indeed. It’s been an exceptional autumn/winter for the in Western Europe and the first for Kuwait was found just a few days ago by a group of French birders.
  14. Tib78

    Lowland Sooty Boubou? / Uganda

    Well I did think the bill looked thick for the tit but put this on the blurriness of the pic. But anyway with the new pics it’s clear it’s not a Dusky tit....so, juvenile Grey-headed nigrita.
  15. Tib78

    Lowland Sooty Boubou? / Uganda

    I suspect the first image shows a Dusky tit and the flycatcher suggestion looks about right for the second bird. More images of both birds wouldn’t hurt though...