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Recent content by VC65_Birder

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    uk id - rock sparrow or ?

    Exactly!! Thanks David
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    uk id - rock sparrow or ?

    Rock Sparrows don't occur in the UK, which your book should have showed. There has only ever been one reported, seen by a mere handful of people one morning. Which books are you using, which doesn't show a female House Sparrow looking like this? We might be able to point you in the direction of...
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    uk id - rock sparrow or ?

    Have you looked at the range maps/status information in your field guide?
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    Gulls on canal, New England

    Juv Smicker, Ad Smicker, GBBG, Ad Smicker, Iceland
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    Slovenia - more than just birds!

    How did you get on??
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    Time to go to the "Polls"! - Redpolls UK

    Yes, a classic Lesser Redpoll
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    tern sp. Bird Island, Seychelles November 2010

    Still Sooty for me; too much white on the forehead for a Bridled IMO
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    Chat from Sevilla

    Fascinating bird, and clearly not a 'normal' Whinchat. Anyone know of any resources that would show what a male hybrid Stonechat/Whinchat would look like?
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    tern sp. Bird Island, Seychelles November 2010

    The first three pics do feature Sooty Terns; adults in the first two photos and a juv in the third. The first photo also shows a number of Saunder's Terns. The last two pics show what appears to be a Common Tern - bill doesn't look fine enough for White-cheeked Tern.
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    Common Buzzard? UK

    Totally agree, it's just a bog-standard Common Buzzard, perfectly within usual plumage variation, if not quite near the middle!
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    BBC Twitching Documentary

    Agreed, it was a pretty accurate show of some twitchers. If you didn't like what you saw, don't blame the programme!! The one liners from LGRE were classic - "I've lived my life like George Michael", "My job is like Prime Minister" etc..... Tragic, but good. Didn't see myself, though...
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    Linnets? UK

    Indeed, agreed, no Siskin there, all Linnets
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    invasion year for waxwings?

    Well done to whichever genious Bird Info provider put that out. FFS, do these people not invest in any element of quality control these days? (and I've no idea which it was)...
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    Kurdish Wheatear? Kuwait

    I see a Pied Wheatear too, or at a push an Eastern Black-eared Wheat, but looks like late autumn Pied Wheats I've seen before. It most certainly isn't a Desert Wheat, nor a Kurdish for me Nicole.