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Recent content by Weiss1

  1. Weiss1

    Lots of birds from Sabah, Borneo

    Thanks for the help guys. Still not sure on this one, my book says that Thick-billed has a plain olive-green throat and breast compared to the white throat and yellow breast of the Little Spiderhunter. I've got another shot here but i can't judge the colour that well...
  2. Weiss1

    Lots of birds from Sabah, Borneo

    Sorry for having so many :p I have the phillips' field guide but some of those raptors and flycatchers are just such a headache! Anyway here we go: 1. Possible Bat-hawk? Was found outside Gomantong caves. http://i.imgur.com/8kqoA.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pOIlj.jpg...
  3. Uneasy Truce

    Uneasy Truce

    This Galah was not happy with his company! But the Hobby seemed pretty disinterested :)
  4. Weiss1

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Brown Hawk-Owl'

    Beautiful shot. Love the pose too, looks like he's shaking a fist at you :P
  5. Weiss1

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'White Winged Fairy Wren'

    This bird continues to elude me. That is such a good shot too, showing some brilliant colours.
  6. Mallee Ringneck

    Mallee Ringneck

    The Mallee Ringneck is a subspecies of the Australian Ringneck. Beautiful parrots but they are very flighty!
  7. Sacred Kingfisher

    Sacred Kingfisher

  8. Sacred Kingfisher

    Sacred Kingfisher

    This was a great spot for kingfishers, nice big boardwalk to view them from.
  9. Splendid Fairywren

    Splendid Fairywren

    Gah, these guys are very hard to get out in the open! Spent a few hours trying to get a good shot of this one.
  10. Splendid Fairywren

    Splendid Fairywren

    Singing out for his mate.
  11. Red-capped Robin

    Red-capped Robin

    One of my favourite birds, get a big grin whenever I see one :)
  12. Common Bronzewing

    Common Bronzewing

    Light was hitting the wing just right in this shot.
  13. Common Bronzewing

    Common Bronzewing

    Male Common Bronzewing. Found this guy wandering around a golf course so he was pretty tame!
  14. Variegated Fairywren

    Variegated Fairywren

    There's an out-of-focus branch cutting off its back so i thought i'd try a closer crop.
  15. Splendid Fairywren

    Splendid Fairywren

    Sometimes you get lucky and there's a gap in the branches :P