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jfdocampo Wednesday 13th February 2019 11:58

Young gulls from Morocco
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Are these Yellow-legged gulls like the last I posted in the forum?

22th January 2019. Essaouira (Morocco).


KenM Wednesday 13th February 2019 16:09

All look Yellow-legged Gulls to me.


aeshna5 Wednesday 13th February 2019 16:17

And to me!

lou salomon Wednesday 13th February 2019 21:25

first bird (pics 1-2) is a 3rd cycle LBBG, 2nd (pic 3) might be another LBBG, not so sure and only pics 4 and 5 show definitely YLG.

jfdocampo Thursday 14th February 2019 10:30

Thanks to all. LBBG I suppose refers to Larus fuscus. Is it right?

lou salomon Thursday 14th February 2019 13:25

right, larus fuscus graellsii

jfdocampo Thursday 14th February 2019 15:08

Ok. Thanks again Lou.

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